Using NLP Techniques to Reinvent Yourself

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Tracy McLeod is a graduate of an NLP practitioner course that I ran a few years ago.  Tracy is an excellent training consultant with the huge amount of skills, experience and expertise. Here are a few things she has got up to since.

NLP Techniques to Use Your Imagination for a Change

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Lots of personal development junkies talk about setting goals and visualising them as if you have achieved them. I think that is a great start because it gets you all emotional and motivated to achieve. But I also think there are steps that you need to consider that are not talked often that are necessary on some level or another … Read More

The Secret to Good NLP Coaching

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I received an email last week with an interesting structure to a problem. It gives me the opportunity to unpack some material about belief changes and some general ideas you can use when covertly changing beliefs.

NLP and the Nature of Reality

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Due to my return to NLP Training I’ve been asked quite a few questions about my view on NLP. This article is about how you can use NLP to change the nature of reality.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns FAQ

“Everything You Wanted to Know About the Most Comprehensive Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Course On the Internet But Were too Tranced Out to Ask”