Embedded Commands Produce Massive Results

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I have just received the email below from James about how he has been using NLP Language Patterns and more specifically embedded commands to get a tremendous result. Embedded Commands are specific NLP Techniques about persuasive language that many pracitioners and master practitioners have difficulty mastering.

Building a Propulsion System Under a Police Officer

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Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters Separation

Today we will discuss a key facet of human behaviour that can create massive amount of motivation. Using this simple idea to build a propulsion system and move people in any direction you want them to go in. And it is also Episode 3 in my rebellion against the Empire’s policy officer. No light sabres, blasters or evil Sith lords, … Read More

Learn the Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques of an Evil Hypnotist

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racism concept illustration

The techniques you will see demonstrated in the video accompanying this article are incredibly powerful. This article deconstructs a speech from a complete hypnotic master. It is just a shame he was one of the most monstrous men in history. I would suggest that if you are of a sensitive disposition, are easily offended or rather stay on the more … Read More

Mastering the Weird VooDoo Sh1te

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In this article I will show you a specific set of patterns I often use in training where I can get anyone to make positive connections between any content I give them and what they are there to learn. Let me be a little more specific I can say any random content and the student will make connections to why … Read More