Make Someone Go Blank using NLP Anchoring Techniques

Rintu BasuMind Control3 Comments

This article is a step by step description of how I set up a sliding anchor to create a blank state to make a person completely forget what they are talking about. You can use this approach for lots of things. Typically I have made people laugh long, loud and totally inappropriately by installing a giggle button, or controlled the energy … Read More

NLP Anchoring for Fun, Sex and Profit

Rintu BasuBusiness3 Comments

I received an email from a guy studying the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. In the email he outlines a pretty cool anchoring exercise that got a great result. In addition there is a brilliant perceptual shift that Bill puts in his email that almost guarantees massive results from your persuasion related activities.

NLP Training does not work

Rintu BasuTraining4 Comments

I admit this is a contentious title but I would suggest that unless you put certain conditions in place training generally and NLP training specifically doesn’t work. In this article I will explain why I am making that claim and some of the simple things you can do to make your learning effective.