NLP Language Patterns and Coaching

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I’ve just been sent an email from a trainee life coach who has had a dramatic personal breakthrough by just using a simple technique. This article uses that email as the foundation to give you a flexible and powerful personal development tool you can use with yourself and others.

Playing with NLP Language Patterns

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You might not have the flexibility to use this hypnotic language pattern everywhere, but what if it were possible to flip just another 5% of decisions in your favour through using this technique. Would that make enough of a difference for you to read this article and discover how?

Advanced Persuasion Skills and NLP Language Patterns

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NLP Language Pattern Audio

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Below is a free audio where I build up a super pattern based on a redefine, an agreement frame and a presupositional question. If you are not an NLP jargon junkie then all it is a really good pattern to completely redirect a person’s focus.