NLP Covert Influencing Skills Lesson 6, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Using Internal Representations to Create a Direction of Thought…” The Key to Unconscious Persuasion Techniques…say What You Want Them to Think… Some great results from last week, thanks for the emails and comments. Here are a few choice examples of some of the stuff you guys have been up to: Teacher to pupil: Misbehaving and not doing your homework just … Read More

Advanced Persuasion Skills and NLP Language Patterns

“NLP Persuasion Trainer Finally Releases the Secrets to Powerful Covert NLP Persuasion Skills …” Master the Keys to Covert Hypnosis, NLP Language Patterns and Psychological Persuasion That Even NLP Masters Are Scrabbling To Learn All it takes is ten minutes a day in the comfort of your own home to unlock your potential and get what you want out of … Read More

NLP Covert Seduction Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How to become more conversational with hypnotic persuasion…” Lesson 9 Using Coversational Covert Hypnotic Influencing Techniques… The big thrust this week is becoming more conversational with your NLP persuasive language. Before we get to that there are a few points worth clearing up from last week. Some of you have pointed out that we are not doing much about non … Read More