Jedi Questions and NLP Poker Playing

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As you may have read I have been practicing with some really cool new persuasion ideas from Judy Rees. Last night I took the opportunity to try out Judy’s Lazy Jedi Questions in one of the most difficult persuasion environments I can think of, namely a poker table.

Using Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Tactics With the Police

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3d Small dog joins the police force

Yesterday we looked at a situation where I got stopped by the police and was about to get a ticket. We discussed the importance of getting in to state. Today we will discover how you can use pacing and leading ideas to build rapport whilst subtly undermining their arguments with Hypnotic Language Patterns. Click through and read the first article … Read More

NLP Persuasion Skills in Blackpool

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This article is an index page for some tools on Rapport, Conversation Management and the build up to a little miniseries Field Report where you will discover how you can use your NLP skills to get people to by you free dinners.