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The NLP Company was founded in 2006 by Rintu Basu, a leading authority on NLP and Hypnosis to deliver results focused, pragmatic, training and coaching solutions.

Having been studying Accelerated Learning, Hypnosis and NLP from the age of sixteen Rintu has applied these tools to his own professional development. Rintu has been successfully delivering high quality training and coaching business solutions since 1996 before choosing to specialise in NLP and Hypnosis in 1999.

“We don’t deliver fluffy, feel good courses. I am after pragmatic, impatient and unreasonable people that just want to create success for our courses. People have fun on our programmes and they also get the tools they need for results.

NLP and Hypnosis can be used to improve the quality of results in any area of your life, but they are not magic wands that you can just wave and make things better. The quality of your results will always be dependant on how prepared you are to achieve them. If you are committed to creating your success then we are committed to supporting you to get there.” Rintu

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