A Key Point About Accelerated Learning that Many Miss

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Here is an article about one of the most common reasons why people often completely fail to learn new skills, how it can happen to you and what you can do about it.

As a training consultant, I am often faced with companies that were trying to hire me to train their staff to overcome a particular problem. Usually, when I asked what they had done to solve the problem before they would list all the training courses they had tried in the past.

Man leaning against his house wallThis has parallels with individuals as well. If you want to know about diet, nutrition and exercise ask a fat bloke. Most fat blokes, myself included can tell you about all the ways of losing weight, the relative merits of each and they are often very well researched in the whole area.

In either case, the natural question is to ask if they have spent all the time, energy and resource getting the knowledge, training and skills to change things around then why hasn’t it happened already?

What Do We Have to do for You to Apply the Knowledge?

I’ve spent a lot of energy studying and researching that problem, and that solution has earned me a great reputation and a nice little income over the years. The issue isn’t giving people knowledge; it isn’t even about applying that knowledge or even developing that knowledge into skills.

The crux of the matter is something I will call mindset. Does the person have an identity that supports the way that they want to be, do they have beliefs that support using the new skills that they are being trained in and do they have the motivation to want to change? These are a combination of the factors that I define as their mindset.

These are a combination of the factors that I define as their mindset. If there are problems here then learning new skills won’t help. Let me give you some examples:

Study skills are simple. Most people with no practice can when shown how can easily read at over 1000 words a minute with an increase in comprehension and retention. The issue isn’t learning the techniques; it is clearing out the limiting beliefs that stop them doing it.

When I used to deal with a lot of clients with dyslexia teaching them study skills and accelerating their development was easy. What was more difficult was getting past all the years of ingraining negative emotions around studying, the beliefs of being slow, stupid or that they would never be capable. Once you got them past all that giving them the skills was the easy bit.

When I have delivered sales training to customer service staff I have found the reason they don’t sell isn’t because they have not got the skills. It is invariably because they believe their role is to serve, not to sell. Changing their concept of sales or changing their concept of their role (and often their identity as part of that role) had to come first. Often if you did that they didn’t need any further training.

Have you been in the position where you bought a book being excited about learning the content? And then spectacularly failed to even look in the thing. This is a mindset issue.

Short Term Fancies Over Long Term Gains

sheepsunglassesAs a guitarist I often meet people that say they would love to play the guitar. I say to them it takes ten minutes a day for the next 30 days and you will be confidently strumming away your favourite songs. Ten minutes a day for another 60 days and you will be at a reasonable performance standard.

I will say that they can improve either the standard or the cut the time taken to get to that by spending more time and effort. But ten minutes a day is something anyone can devote and that is why I use that standard.

I then tell them this is a given. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, how much talent or lack of that you have just the consistent ten minutes a day for 90 days of the right sort of practice will get them to a level where they can confidently perform in front of people. I usually then tell them I have the whole system written out, I am willing to help, coach and support them and all they have to do is commit to ten minutes a day for 90 days.

I have yet to have anyone talk up that offer. My only conclusion is that ten minutes a day is too large a commitment to acquire the skills.

With the Right Mindset Everything Else Follows

Developing the mindset is the first place you should look when you want to want rapidly to develop your skills in any area. Think for a moment, if you want to learn a martial art does it make sense to get into the head of the head of a grand master and learn the key beliefs that supported them developing those skills.

Is it worth knowing what went on in their mind that allowed them to bounce back from the setbacks? How they structured their thoughts to get the most from their training? What beliefs they had to hold and what they had to let go of for each level of development?

This stuff is as important, if not more so than the techniques they use.

The Right Mind Set for Learning

The Learning to Learn, Hypnotic Modelling Course will take you into the depths of how to elicit and create models of excellence that you can use for yourself or with others and develop any skills from learning a language, to playing poker, a martial art, passing exams or developing in any area that you can care to think of.

But before you click through and find out more about the course let me suggest that there is another level of skill you could acquire. Instead of just learning how to develop the mindset to learn the skills that you want, how would it be if you could learn the mindset of a lifelong learner that just picks up a wide range of diverse skills without thinking about it?

I am sure you will have met those people that soak up knowledge like they were a sponge, but better still they can just apply it as soon as they have picked it up. And then there are those people that have a natural affinity towards some types of skills. What if you could model the mindset that makes that sort of thing possible? Click through and find out more here:

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