Defeat Poor Schooling Using NLP Techniques

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Children With Books

This article is about spelling, reading and how you are taught to use your memory in school that can potentially hold you back and what you can do about it.

Children With Books

Take this the right way I generally think well of our school system. I think it does a good job under some tough times and with fewer resources than I think we should devote. That said there are a few things that I think our schools don’t get right. Some of them actually hold us back.

Developing Good Spelling

Let me start with the idea of spelling. When we learn to read we first start by learning our letters and alphabet. We associate the shape of the letters with the sound.

We then group letters together into words and associate the sound of combinations of letters with the sounds that they make to build up words.

This is the phonetic connection between the symbols we draw and the sounds that we associate them with. So far this is a great way to start learning language. But this is exactly where we hit a road block that seriously holds some people back for life.

The trouble with phonetics is that there are so many exception in the English language, we can’t even spell phonetically fonetically. Also whilst it is a great way to learn the “shape” of a new word it is a really slow way of remembering the word for later use.

Learn to Spell Visually

And to compound this problem some people do not process the visual cues with the phonetic cues the same way as most. They often get labelled with learning difficulties or dyslexia.

The crazy thing is if in schools they took the whole spelling, reading, memory thing one step further and taught children to use their visual memories several things would happen within a few days. Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Everyone would spell better, many people with learning difficulties will find that they can read, write and get through general school subject much quicker and more effectively. The national average reading speed would dramatically increase with an increase in comprehension and retention as well. And people would have increased memories as well as sensible ways of accessing it for exams.

Accessing your memory and using it in this way is a great thing because you can hold a lot of information accurately using the visual part of your memory. And once you know the secret to doing this you can not only do it extremely fast (I once taught lawyers to cram hundreds of law books into their heads. What used to take weeks to learn dropped to a matter of days) it also becomes a generative process.

A Simple Strategy to Learn to Access Your Visual Memory

What I mean by that is that the more you do it the more you do it the less you have to remember to do it because you suddenly find yourself doing it automatically. Imagine studying for an exam and finding yourself jamming your head full of your notes as you make them and giving yourself full recall as you need it.

That You Can Learn to do Automatically

I love teaching this because of the great transformations I see in people. Only last week I was talking with a father who taught his eight year old step daughter the NLP Spelling Strategy. He said that his step daughter has gone from hesitant and problematic at school to confidently learning and spelling words that are well beyond her reading age. That transformation took just a few days. Imagine how far your children will go if you teach them about visual memory now.

I have loads of personal stories about kids failing at school until they were taught the Spelling Strategy and have gone on to immensely successful and rewarding careers. I rarely coach children on a one to one basis these days preferring to empower parents, teachers and tutors so they can do this with more kids than I could have reached on my own.

The Spelling Strategy

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