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I have just received the email below from James about how he has been using NLP Language Patterns and more specifically embedded commands to get a tremendous result. Embedded Commands are specific NLP Techniques about persuasive language that many pracitioners and master practitioners have difficulty mastering.

Persuasion Techniques Made Easy

Sent: Thursday 27th November 2008

To: info@theNLPcompany.com

From: James

Subject: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou


            I had to write and tell you about this. I have been studying NLP for about five years and am a Master Practitioner. I subscribed to your course (A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns – Rintu) because I have never been quite comfortable with NLP Language Patterns beyond the basics.

I got lesson five the one about embedded commands last week just before I was due to give a talk. Anyway I just read the notes and suddenly realised how easy embedded commands are. For fun I worked out hundreds of patterns I could throw into my talk. It took me about half an hour.

When I got there I remembered what you said about the difference between practice and doing so I didn’t deliberately attempt to use any embedded commands into my language…but it kept happening. The first couple of times it even took me by surprise but after a while I settled down and just noticed how much I was doing it.

The issue isn’t how many embedded commands I got in but the results it created 😉  I have done this talk several times, I normally get some polite interest and if I am lucky one will eventually book. Rintu, three people booked that night and I have had another seven book since…TEN TIMES my normal response. The only thing I did differently was read and practice a few embedded commands.

And I’ve noticed that embedded commands are appearing as a part of my normal speech as well.

After five years of studying this subject I can’t believe it is really as simple as it now seems. I am only five weeks into the course, what am I going to be like at the end of it?

Thanks again for this result.


Getting Great Results is Easy When You Know How

On the Beginner’s Guide to Advance Persuasion Patterns I give you a specific formula, plenty of audio demonstrations and written examples of all the language patterns that are discussed.

Embedded commands are simple when you have understood the overall concept, seen the step by step process and practiced a few commands to build up your library of phrases. This is exactly what happened to James.

Embedded commands are naturally occurring

I am not surprised by James’ results because in the lesson he is referring to I give you a template that shows you how to generate hundreds of embedded commands in seconds. Just spending a few minutes practice with this template will move you to a point where you are automatically creating embedded commands with almost every sentence you speak.

I suspect the talk James gives was already good and quite persuasive and all that has happened is that he has added the one thing you need to get the results you are looking for. If this is something you want as well here is the page with more details about this incredibly powerful persuasion skills programme. But be warned places on the programme are restricted.

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