How to Use Covert Hypnotic Techniques to be More Persuasive

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Amazingly I often get asked this question by some NLP Practitioners. The issue is that on some courses they do not explain the connection between emotional states, beliefs and hypnosis.

Using Trance to Make You More Persuasive

The video below explains my definition of trance and how you can use it with people to persuade or even change their beliefs. How many different uses could you put to a belief busting technique?

But more importantly as you read through this article and watch the video you will notice that I am demonstrating some of the most fundamental and powerful persuasion processes available. If you spend a few minutes going through this article thinking on different levels you will find yourself understanding persuasion principles in a more interesting way.

Accelerated Learning of Hypnotic Language Patterns

One of the things I am most interested in is deconstructing the process behind the process. For example whilst everyone on my practitioner course was learning their hypnotic language patterns I was learning the process that makes these patterns work.

My thinking was if I knew the process I could make my own patterns by using the process. And all of a sudden you are able to create patterns in the moment and in the middle of the conversation. The process behind the process is more powerful than any of the component tools.

A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Techniques

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme not only gives you very powerful NLP Persuasion Techniques but also gives you the process behind the process. Overtly and covertly you are taught a hypnotic persuasion process as well as how to construct your own persuasion processes.

The video below demonstrates my approach. On the level of content the video explains what trance is and how to use it. On a covert level it explains a fundamental persuasion process about putting people in to the correct emotional state for being persuaded. If you study the structure of persuasion strategies you will notice that the video opens loops about busting beliefs using covert persuasion patterns. For example it explains why trance is useful to change beliefs but it does not specifically show you how to do it.

Reading this article before watching the video will give you the experience of meta states or having to think on several different levels simultaneously. Initially you might have just watched the video for some content. Having read this article you are more likely to now watch for what I say, how I say it and the order that I say it in. You might be drawing all sorts of inferences from this information as well as any content that you might find useful.

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Using Trance to be more Persuasive

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