Hypnotic Language Patterns for Pacing

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This short article is about a hypnotic language pattern sent in by a reader of this blog. Not only is it a great pattern in it’s own right but it also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate how you can unpack patterns to use in different contexts. One of the things I love about my work is watching the remarkable inventiveness of my student. I received an email from Shaz demonstrating a pattern he has come up with. Here is his email in full:

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From: Shaz
To: Rintu
Monday 4th March

Hello Rintu,

As far as hypnotic persuasion is concerned you are amazing. You are awesome. I have been fortunate enough to be in your mailing list and have learned many things from your courses bought online.

Now, what else can I write here?

Here is a language pattern based on pacing at three different levels. I call it Super Pattern. Why super pattern? Because, it paces the listener/reader at all three dominating time frames (past/present/future). It also strongly preframes and later on directs the thought process of the listener.

Here is the example of Super Pattern for Training purpose.

Super Pattern of Pacing at different time levels

Do you realize that learning has always been your priority? You learned to read, you learned to write, you learned to speak and you learned to drive. Learning new thing has always made your life better and happier. Allow yourself time to experience this powerful learning about persuasion you are going to take. Today, you are beginning to add real value to your life. You shall find all success in your life with them. Imagine using power words, sneaky language patterns and subtle frameworks to direct the thought process of your listeners in the desired direction. Consider what happens when you try to look at different applications and you shall wonder how you would use the same patterns but in different context. And there are several more than that….

Your feedback is awaited… 


The Power of Shifting Tenses

Molecular Thoughts

What Shaz has done is used the past to pace the reader. He is building a connection between what he wants you to do to things that you have done in the past. That is a fairly common way of pacing people and I am sure you will recognise using this approach yourself. For example it often happens naturally when meeting new people. A common tactic is to look for commonality like commons places you have lived, worked or holidayed in.

In this particular case Shaz is making a direct link, learning one thing is like learning another thing and look at the incredible benefits you got from learning to XYZ.

Shaz then goes into the present connecting the new things he wants you to learn and then out to the future to build motivation. This is all great stuff and I would do it slightly differently.

Outcomes are Key with NLP Techniques

Shaz has made a great attempt at putting together a whole slew of patterns and he should be proud of this. The best part of this is once you start seeing the underlying patterns you will naturally start creating sequences like this naturally and in the moment. I suspect this is where Shaz’s pattern came from and that is impressive work. Now that we have this here is how I would start refining it.

I am going to assume that the intention is to motivate the recipient to learn some powerful hypnotic language. In which case I might still start with a metaphor from the past and then go out to benefits from the future to apply to the current situation. An example of that might be:

[box color=”white” type=”square” icon=””]

One thing people don’t always realise is what a great learning machine you are. Remember you learnt to walk and to talk just through modelling, without a structured learning programme. You did that just because you have the ability to pay close attention, to model the people around you and apply what you are learning. Can I assume that these are amazingly powerful skills to learn? Just think how badly your life would have gone if you had not learnt to walk up to people and communicate with them. Think about some of the best and most amazing things that you have experienced or accomplished in your life and recognise how much walking and talking feature in them.

You may not recognise this yet but sometime in the near future you will be using hypnotic language, embedded commands and be able to covertly direct the focus of your listener in any direction you want. And you will be doing this as easily and as instinctively as you walk and talk. Now take this the right way, just like walking and talking there will be times when you stumble over your own feet or your own words. Every now and again you might fall over, even hurt yourself a little. But here is the thing…It.Was.Worth.It…Wasn’t it?

At this point in your life you can walk and talk to such a degree you may take these skills for granted, but just spend a few moments thinking about just how much value you have taken from persisting in learning these skills. In the same way just imagine a point in the future where you have achieved a massive goal that you have been working on and you suddenly realise that you have applied your awesome hypnotic persuasion skills to get that result. Don’t let it be like the walking and talking that you take for granted, just promise yourself that you will look back towards now and remember that this was the start. The place where you learnt those incredibly powerful skills.


That is just me taking some of the ideas Shaz started with and just playing around with them. I don’t think I would use this in written form and is seems a little clunky. But to open a course on hypnotic language, it needs a little work but the core of the idea I think is pretty solid.

More than Switching Tenses

Have a couple of scans through the paragraph again. You will find a whole lot more in there from embedded commands through sequences of internal representations and how I use referential indexes. See what you spot and feel free to leave a comment or two below or on the facebook page about what you found.

One of the key ways of learning things is through a process of modelling. This is how you learn to walk and talk and do hundreds of other skills that you are extremely proficient at. Many people, Shaz included are dramatically improving their persuasion skills by paying close attention to the hypnotic language patterns they are finding in my material and then practising with it.

My most powerful course to date is the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed because it takes you through the modelling process and you get to see hypnotic language patterns several times over from multiple different perspectives. This means you learn as a student, as an observer and through looking at the situation through my eyes as well as applying the skills to your own life. You can find out more about the programme here.

6 Comments on “Hypnotic Language Patterns for Pacing”

  1. Rintu Basu

    I’ve just had this email in from Shaz and thought I should print it.

    But what do you think of his point? Let me know if you want more on these kind of subjects.



    Hi Rintu, 

    It is really great that you gave a second thought to this Pacing Pattern sent and refined it to such a great length. I have really noticed how you included Trance words, embedded commands, future pacing, yet pattern etc. You amazingly made this pattern more powerful and more subtle. How about to have some more articles on how to tap into emotions or inducing trances? I know you may think that I am expecting a lot and this is true also. 

    Great Tnx 


  2. Mickey_Berkal

    Hi Rintu,
    I’ve been reading and learning from you for a couple of years now…
    Here and there picking up all the gold nuggets you drop, a line here, a pattern there
    And it reminds me that all of us are actually using hypnotic patterns all the time, we learned it by modelling as kids, from our teachers, parents and people all around us, who actually had no idea what they were doing…

    So we learned to use those patterns, not in a precise way – and it got us this far.
    Some of us even further than that.

    Come to think about it, its exactly like driving – we (those who learn it of course) drive all day long, some stay the same, but most of us get better as time goes by. especially if we drive more than once per day. Until we have the opportunity to learn advance driving skills.

    Suddenly, driving isn’t the same any more. Once we hone in on Advance Driving Skill, that’s where the magic starts to happen. and every where you got till now seems kinda dull when you contrast it to what you can get out of your car now – and how well you can get it.

    Think about it. Its like taking a curve while driving 70 miles per hour. As a normal driver, one might slow down, get the curve, maybe at 60 or 50 mph, getting out of the curve you start to accelerate again, back to 70 mph.  but once you’ve learned Advanced Driving Skills – you cant go back to thinking nor driving in the same dull way. It just wont happen – cause you know the magic, you KNOW what you can do better, you can take that curve and even use it as a slingshot to “shoot” you even faster after it.

    Once you learn Advance Driving Skills, you know you can go further, faster, safer. Using your car in ways that the old you never even thought it was possible – but now you know. you know you can!  you know how much more is possible, even beyond your first days after you’ve developed your Advanced driving Skills.

    Now, think about your language – isn’t it much the same like driving? 🙂
    I’m curious how much further you going to get your live after you’ve advanced your language driving skills. how much more you can accomplish?   can you imagine it? feel it? get excited by it?  Beside more money, friends and influence, what else do you think you’ll get more of once you’ve mastered your advanced language driving skills?


    Well, Rintu, that was my attempt in running patterns without going back and rewriting them –
    Which I guess that if I do, I’ll be able to infuse a whole lot more in there.

    Although my English isn’t my native tongue, I hope I did ok 🙂
    I wont tell you that when I teach Language Patterns in Hebrew (my native tongue) I am much much better, I do need to practice more, although I do enjoy deconstructing them from great speeches.

    Keep up the great posts
    Read you later.
    (One of you fans in Israel)

    1. Rintu Basu

      Your patterns in English are far better than anything I could do in Hebrew…so well done. That was a great pace and lead. Thanks for sending it in.

  3. Dave Murphy

    Pacing patterns are fun in several ways, but we all know that the real fun begins when something we do.. makes a positive difference, and by using pacing patterns as hypnotists or business owners or sales wizards or Curious people.. we can see the pulling power of these linguistic hooks… and it’s always fascinating watching this process of mesmerizing, Dazzling or even zoning someone through the floor, and those people that have been standing before us silently with their mouths open and eyes glazed is a familiar sight with these amazing patterns!


    1. Rintu Basu

      Process based language. Good Job Dave, I’m curious though. Do you get that tingle, you know the one that starts in your toes and start amplifying as it travels up your body just as you start to realise what a great job you are doing with these patterns?

      Or do you do some different process of excitement as you realise just what a great job you doing?



      1. Dave Murphy

         Thanks Rintu,

        I think what your doing for People, NLP and Hypnosis is fantastic and can’t help but feel like sharing patterns that are inspired by what you share.

        Strange isn’t it, I do get that tingling sensation when things work, you know the one.


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