Powerful NLP Models for Persuasion

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This is a short article to introduce a couple of videos. The ideas on these videos have made me hundreds of thousands of pounds, saved my life and in the days when I had a proper job won me promotions after promotion. One model is common in the NLP community but surprisingly the second I have never seen taught by NLPers despite it being extremely powerful.

What is Important to You About (X)?

This first video looks at a version of Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels. I know in some quarters of the NLP community this model is often attacked for not being about Neurology, logical or even appropriately in levels but I find this version of it incredibly useful. So let’s let someone else wave their NLPness in the air and debate endlessly the pros and cons of their models of the world while we just focus on what is useful. Once you are comfortable with this concept you will be amazed at how much persuasive power you will have.

Travels in NLP with a Mad Man and his Box

This second video takes the theme from the first and grounds it down into something a little more specific. The model demonstrated in this video is one of the most effective I have ever seen and is useful in many different ways.

Conversational Hypnotic Persuasion

Taking these two concepts together you may already be able to see how you can subtly change what you are doing to have a profound impact on the behaviour of others. You may already have the experience of being led in a direction but not quite knowing why you decided to allow yourself to be led. The chances are the person you followed used these concepts to subtly change your perceptions.

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