Practicing Hypnotic Language Patterns without People Dying

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One thing I am constantly asked is how to practice NLP Language Patterns in a “safe” environment. This article includes ideas of where and how you can practice without killing anyone and get the best from your practice.


When Not to Practice NLP Persuasion Skills

The first thing I would suggest is that most environments are “safe”. If you are ever in a position where people, including yourself, may be maimed, killed or put in prison as a result of what you say please do not practice your language patterns in that environment.


Some people would argue that if you can’t use your patterns when you need them then what would be the point of having them. What they might not have established is that there is a difference between using and practice. The intention here is to over practice in an environment where it doesn’t matter so you can just focus on the practice. If you do this enough you will find yourself using these patterns instinctively.


Where Are Good Environments to Practice?


Live Events 

Obviously the best place to practice is on a course in a live environment. In a training environment where everyone is learning together you have free reign to practice your skills, engage with trainers and students who can give you high quality feedback. Obviously on a live course the trainer can set exercises and give you the opportunity to practice what you have just learnt (the ideal time to practice). If you want the opportunity to practice hypnotic persuasion with me and some of the world’s leading hypnotists then there is an opportunity in London that you might want to click through and look at.


Study Buddy / Practice Groups

Failing a live event there are still many opportunities to practice. The most obvious is a study buddy. If you are learning with someone else you have an opportunity to feed each other lines, try out phrases on each other and give each other high quality feedback.


NLP 96 is an NLP Practice Group started by Mina McGuigan in 1996 because she wanted a place where she could practice her NLP skills. The group is still being run by Mina today. With the power of websites like it is easy to find or start a practice group based on exactly your needs.


Forums / Chat Rooms

These are great places to practice because they are live conversations but they happen in slow time. I used to sit at home with all my books, manuals and cards around me logged into chat rooms and have conversations with people just throwing patterns out as I thought of them. You don’t have to use your real name and the conversations happen so slowly that you have plenty of time to think of new ways of getting the patterns into the conversation.


Specific Conversations

One problem people experience is having every intention to practice their patterns in a live conversation but once they are in the conversation they get so caught up that they forget about practicing their patterns. There is an easy way round this problem.


Before you enter the conversation pick a pattern to use and then the intention is to get the pattern into the conversation no less than five times. If anyone notices you tell them it is a game that you are playing that many people play about getting a specific word or phrase into a conversation. If you are a trainer or presenter you may well have played this before where you have to get specific words and phrases into your presentations. This could range from an odd word like “gusset” or be something as complex as all the Abba song titles you can think of (things like Waterloo and Money, Money, Money are relatively easy to work into a presentation but I invented the character of Fernando the Dancing Queen to help me win many of these competitions).


As you enter the conversation you now have an objective, to use your pattern five times. This means that you are going into the conversation with a completely different focus. It means you have to think about how you will wrap the conversation round to being able to deliver the pattern. Also you have to think more about the structure and direction of the conversation more than the content.


On top of all this you also have to think about what you are going to say to the person when they eventually notice that something strange is happening in the conversation. This builds up your library of adlibs, gets you used to fumbling, falling over and recovering in front of “normal” people as well as getting you used to directing a conversation. But more importantly than that it is also great fun. An additional benefit I have found by using this approach over the years is that people expect conversations with me to be a little strange and as a result I seem to be able to get away with far more than I think most people would be allowed to, simply because it is expected of me.


Your Homework

Imagine how good you would be if for the next ten days you took a different pattern every day and had throughout the day ten minutes of conversation just focused on using that pattern. I promise you by the end of the day you will know the pattern inside out including what sort of set up it needs to deliver the pattern and what sort of impact it has on your subject. And by the end of ten days you will hardly be able to stop yourself using these patterns.


If you have any great ideas about where to practice language patterns feel free to leave a comment here or on the Facebook Page for the Persuasion Skills Black Book or on Twitter @PersuasionTips Remember if you want to practice your persuasion patterns in a live environment with like mind people as well as get high quality tuition some of the best hypnotists in the world you might want to click through and have a look at this course.

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