Some Quick Wins for Learning Hypnotic Language

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I am often asked about how to develop your hypnotic language skills. Here is an article with a few quick wins and a methodology that will get you using hypnotic language fluently and in a short space of time.

Recently I was asked about mastering hypnotic language. This article is about the mechanics of mastering the skills. In a later article we will talk about the beliefs and emotional content surrounding mastery of skills.


Learning, Practicing and Performance Are Three Different Things

This is essential to understand when learning anything. There is a big difference in mindset between Learning, Practice and Performance. What I mean by performance in this context is using language in a situation where you are after an outcome.

In that situation you should not be practising your patterns and nor should you be learning new patterns. The mix of outcomes will mean that if you succeed at getting all of them it will be through pure luck.

Learning Hypnotic Language Patterns

When you are learning you should, depending on what stage of the learning process you are in, be focused on:

Understanding: How does this pattern work, what does it do, how can I use it

Application: How and where will I use it? How do I fit it into a conversation? What has to come before and after for the pattern to work in this situation?

Getting into the Muscle Memory: Practising saying the pattern out loud. If you are lucky enough to have a study buddy then practice having “scripted” and roleplayed conversations were you can get used to using the pattern.

When you are in full blown practice mode you will be focused on getting the pattern out into the conversation. The outcome at this stage is just to practice the pattern. There are several ways of getting this practice. In order, this is how I used to do it.

Note that I used to do it this way because I had the same fear of being found out that many language students have. I no longer have that issue and in a future article I will give you some ideas of how to blow those issues out completely. But for the moment here is a gradual slide into totally owning a new language pattern.

  1. Practice in a slow time environment. Use it in emails, on FaceBook, Twitter or Messenger. I would sit in chatrooms with my books of patterns driving conversations towards my use of the pattern. This is a great start because it is a real conversation but it is happening in slow time so much easier to manage.
  2. Plan a conversation to use the pattern. Specifically use a conversation that you know will be easy to fit the pattern into, with a person you know is forgiving if you stumble over your words or sound strange and that sort of thing. This is a bridge between the slow time conversation and using it in a live real-time setting.
  3. Set your phone alarm for a random period of the day when you know you are going to be with people. When the alarm goes off the objective is to use the pattern as many times as you can in the conversation before anyone notices. The objective here is just to set up the conversation, use the pattern and move on before anyone notices that you have done it. The objectives are to learn flexibility with the pattern, how to set it up and what you need to put at the back end of it to fit it properly into a conversation.
  4. Once you have done this a few times, you are ready to use the pattern in situations where you can focus on a bigger objective than just practising the pattern. Now you are still practising the pattern but it is within the context of an outcome from the conversation. Again you need to set this up so you either plan to have conversations where ou know that you can get the pattern in or you take a random conversation but before you go into it you deliberately set up to use the pattern.

If this sounds like a lot, it probably is for most patterns, but if you want to comprehensively learn the implication and use of a pattern as well as be fluent in the use of it this is the best approach.

When I was setting up my NLP Training Business, and I recognised that I would need to teach students hypnotic language properly, I spent a few weeks with a pattern of the day. I would take my pattern of the day and just do points 2 and 3 several times during the day.

Every time my alarm would go off I would find a new person to terrorise with a language pattern. I had various people around me that thought I was just strange and were forgiving about me stumbling over words and saying odd things. So I would have a shot with the pattern a few times with them.

That was always a natural progression into understanding how to move the conversation into the pattern and what I needed to do after the pattern had been delivered. Most of it was about watching the person that I had just said it to and then responding to whatever happened.


Performance is not about learning or practice it is about using your skills, techniques and strategy to get the result. So your language pattern may or may not come up The important thing for you is that you are focused on the conversation and whatever patterns occur they occur naturally as part of the process of securing the result that you were after. You spend the time learning and practising so that when you need the skill it happens automatically.

The reason many NLP trainers and Master Practitioners are not confident, fluent and natural with their use of hypnotic language is simply that they have not yet put the work in to create that result for themselves yet.

And surprisingly there are many people that are exceptionally good at these skills that are not qualified in NLP. The only issue is whether you are prepared to learn and to practice.

In the next article I will give you a few ideas on how you can accelerate this process even further. If you are one of the people that have a squeaky bum moment about practising live in front of people, worries about making mistakes or simply couldn’t imagine yourself using hypnotic language for real in a covert setting then the next article is for you. Look out for it.

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