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Rintu Basu,


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Dear Affiliate Partner,

As a life long persuasion skills student I would like to help you make money directly from Persuasion Skills. As an affiliate partner you will make 50% whenever anyone you direct to The Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques and they buy the course.

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The most effective way of making money is to just send the free eBook out to people as a gift and if you wish to promote Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques in other ways here are a few ideas.

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Should you want any help or need to discuss how best to sell the course then feel free to email me.


Subject: The Secret of Psychological Persuasion Techniques



If you have ever tried to persuade people to your way of thinking and failed then this may be the most important email you have ever received.

Rintu Basu, Best Selling Author, NLP Trainer and Persuasion Specialist has blown the lid on Hypnotic, NLP and Psychological Language Patterns to give you a quick and simple way of developing some serious persuasive power.

Here is some of what is contained in Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques

How to:

  • Develop overwhelming personal power in ten minutes a day or less
  • Use a simple language pattern that instantly redirects a person’s thoughts
  • Make people thing you agree with them whilst they do what you want
  • Connect, add and delete thoughts from others using simple words
  • Develop confidence in using covert hypnotic patterns in real life situations
  • Get people to follow your lead with straight forward psychological patterns
  • Really create long lasting powerful rapport
  • Ask questions that direct people to how you want them to think

When you download the course you get all of this with hundreds of examples, illustrations and applications so you know exactly how to use the material to get what you want through others. Over a period of five weeks you will download the most powerful persuasion techniques available in audio, video and written formats.

The most successful people in life are those that have immense persuasive power. They have more success in business, their social lives are packed with wild parties and interesting people and they enjoy more rewarding and fulfilling relationships. If you want to join this circle then Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques is the place to start.

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Subject: The Persuasion Community stirred up by Renegade Hypnotist



NLP and Hypnosis Trainers are complaining that the Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques makes Persuasion Patterns too simple…and they are right.

Rintu Basu, best selling author, NLP Trainer and Persuasion Skills Consultant has taken the complexity out of learning difficult language patterns and developed a system where you can get results within minutes of starting the course. Here are some of the things that people have achieved through the Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques:

  • Cathy used the first pattern in her end of year review and got a better grade. She learnt the pattern within fifteen minutes of receiving the course.
  • Dr Tom got his 12 year old daughter to increase her self esteem and confidence after a harrowing time at school by simply layering in some hypnotic language patterns.
  • Janet used several patterns from the book in a text message to her ex partner who was refusing to pay some long standing debts. The ex paid in full a day after receiving the text.
  • A chiropractor used several patterns from the book in his sales presentations and tripled his sign up rate.
  • DR used two patterns from the book in a meeting and came out with £12000 worth of business. He was expecting £500 if he was lucky.

If you had the opportunity would you want to make more money, have more fun and meet more interesting people? Having great persuasion skills will give you that opportunity but in the past learning hypnotic persuasion patterns was a difficult and time consuming affair.

The Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques takes all the sweat and drudgery out of learning to use hypnotic language patterns. Within minutes you will learn powerful patterns that you can instantly put to use.

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Subject: Persuasion Skills on Steroids



Do you want to be able to:

  • Get people excited about being with you?
  • Motivate them to take action for you?
  • Lead people to achieving your goals on your behalf?
  • Get them to do what you want and then thank you for the privilege?

You have a choice, you can work hard for yourself, or you can learn to get others to work hard for you.

The Master Training Programme for Black Book Persuasion Techniques is full of patterns, strategies and techniques that can easily turn you into a master persuader. The testimonials, evidence and feedback is overwhelming, The Persuasion Skills Black Book is a tried and proven system to gain powerful persuasion skills quickly.

Take your opportunity to get these skills before everyone has them.

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Feel free to add modify or throw away these emails and do it your way. Also
remember you have this fantastic resource of a 19 page powerful ebook that you
can give away completely for free.

I expect this to be a very profitable venture and it would be great to share
the fun, excitement and of course the profits as well. I look forward to both
our successes.


The NLP Company

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