The Science of Persuasion Amplified

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If you have been reading my material for any length of time you will already know that I am a great fan of Robert Cialdini’s work. This article will encapsulate his work including examples in less than twelve minutes.


Ciadini’s book Influence is required reading for anyone in the persuasion field. And whether you have read the book (you really should) here is a video that very neatly summarises most of the key points brilliantly.

Using Cialdini’s Principles Linguistically

Having watched the video means you are committed to developing your persuasion skills. You will get a great result if you to explore some of these ideas through some examples and I can help with a few of those.

As a bestselling author on Persuasion Skills many people suggest that I am good at demonstrating persuasion concepts like Cialdini’s ideas. For example here is what Kevin has to say about my courses:

[quote type=”small” align=”left”] “Who else does this? How many seminars have you been to that have a separate class after the event to teach you how they persuaded the audience? None??…….Rintu does!” [/quote]

But the reality is I am only as good as the results you get from my teachings and in that we are similar. I want you get the best result possible for you. It has been shown that motivation drops off dramatically if you don’t put the principles in place as soon as you have the information. So do us both the favour of reading this little section again looking for how I have applied Cialdini’s Principles throughout.

 Teaching Through Principles and Demonstration

If you like the idea of learning persuasion principles on multiple levels in the way this article demonstrates then you may want to find out more about the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course. Click through and find out more here.



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