He Took an Idea about Hypnotic Persuasion and Ran With It, the Results are Impressive

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I thought we were finished with this, “Before we beginning let me give you a bunch of post hypnotic suggestions pattern” But yesterday (Saturday) I took a call from a good friend of mine about some astounding results that he got and you just need to see just how far you can push this patterns without laughing out loud.

Networking Meetings

Early morning networking meetings are my version of hell on earth. But some of my friends seem to enjoy them and who am I to stand in their way.

My friend said that on Friday he was at one of these networking meeting. He said he was going through a few ideas based on what we have been discussing through the latest set of articles and used a pattern three times on three different people. His outcome was to get people to book an appointment to see him. He said that by the end of day all three people had phoned him and booked an appointment.

Business Handshake SeriesBusiness Cards

This is my version of what he said. I suspect his version was not quite as clunky and a lot more specific about both his business and about the potential client that he was talking with.

I’ve taken some of that out for his privacy and worked some of this round a little to make the points clearer and more obvious. But here is the overall structure of what he said. He did this pattern with three separate people he met. He chatted with them decided it would be worth talking to them further about their business and how he might be able to help them.

At the end of their discussion he usually hands out a business card and tells them to get in touch. Based on the previous few articles he decided to make a little trance induction and embed a couple of instructions. This is my version of what he used.

“Before I give you my business card I would like to say I hope, like me, you have had a good time talking about our respective businesses and you are full of ideas of where we can work together. Now I don’t know when you will think of that ideal project that I can help you and it will occur to you to give me a call. It could be six months, six weeks or even within six days that you suddenly realise that you want to call me. But whenever that is now you will find my number on this card.”

A Brief Deconstruction

My friend takes out his business card and almost but not offers it to the prospect as has starts his little talk. By holding the card as if, but not quite offering it to the prospect starts a track of confusion for the prospect and depending on how you say the words you can induce quite a lot of trance. The words are packed full of process instructions and embedded suggestions.

If you look back over the last few articles you will see all the techniques we have been discussing that come together in this example. Before you properly take this example apart and reconstruct it in a way that it works for you just scan through the last few articles if you have not read them already.

You can then get to see how this example works and put it together using your specific language incorporating these ideas into the way that you normally speak.

Once you have that you can just try it out a few times firstly out loud by yourself and then with real people in non-threatening environments. Once you know it is good I would find an excuse to use it repeatedly in one conversation until it became part of my normal vocabulary. And that is when you can really have fun finding out just how much you can push this playing with normal people.

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