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There is a misconception in some quarters about NLP that it is a therapy or coaching tool. While it can be used in that context NLP is much bigger than that. This article examines some uses of NLP for business.

NLP is not a formal discipline and has not boundaries or regulations. That means anyone can call NLP whatever they choose, and there is nothing to say that they are not right. With that in mind, in my opinion, NLP is about modelling.

NLP Modelling Techniques

The core of NLP is about understanding how something is done and then being able to replicate that process. This is a bit abstract so let me give you a practical example. You might look at a successful business and use NLP to study the processes that make that business successful. Then replicate those processes back in your businesses.

This might be as simple as a sales process, as specific as how the CEO thinks about strategy before presenting to the shareholders or as fluffy as the emotional journey of the customer through a service recovery system.

Do Any NLP Models Exists Now?

NLP has been around since the mid-seventies so there are already some great models around. I have modelled some fantastic sales processes; I have some every effective models for trainers and coaches as well as some clever stuff about accelerated learning. There are thousands of NLP Books looking at the mindset of successful people, and I even have a course showing you the methodology for creating models of your own.

Is It All About the Individual?

You can apply NLP to individuals, groups or organisations. For a coach, modelling their client is a great thing to do. When I train trainers I get them to model their class as if it were an individual. When I do consultancy work I often model departments or entire companies. Because by understanding the beliefs, values, drives and motivation of your client, class, department or company you have some powerful tools to motivate and, or change.

Building Companies Using NLP

I use NLP build companies so the values of the company are used to align the goals, the people and the process so that they are all pulling in the same direction. You can use NLP to model success and translate that into any other areas.

Obviously, if you model the success of someone in your market that is doing better than you the insights you get are likely to be more specific than if you modelled something completely different but both models have value.

As a training consultant I already have time proven models for certain tasks, like sales for instance. Every product, market and customer has individual needs and if you chunk up and look for commonalities between good sales people you will find many transferable skills. As such you could transplant the whole model and then tweak it for your particular industry.

Another great area where NLP can help is individual coaching and mentoring. In many businesses the blockages and bottlenecks are key people that are either not aligned or have limiting beliefs and emotions. Often these sort of thing can be shifted easily using NLP techniques.

While NLP has obvious uses in a therapy context, you might keep in mind that the subject is much broader and you can use it a multifaceted way. A great place to start exploring modelling and the core of NLP is through the Learning to Learn Hypnotic Modelling Course.

This course is primarily focused on Accelerated Learning and how you can dramatically boost your learning of any skills through hypnotic modelling and it gives you the foundations to be able to model any organisation and use that with a different organisation or context. You can click the link and learn more here.

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