Defending against the Dark Arts of Hypnotic Manipulation

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I received a rather disturbing email recently where an expert manipulator used hypnotic persuasion skills to get John to hand over money…even when he knew the whole thing was wrong.

The Secret of the Master NLP Manipulators

This article explores a little of how this was achieved and also how to defend yourself against it.

Using NLP to Cheat People

Here is the email John sent me; complete and unedited (except to change the name):

From: John

To: Rintu

Sent: Sun 31st October 11:17

Hi rintu, my names John. I dont know if this message will reach you or not.I just wanted to tell a brief story of what happend to me while i was taking a walk.You see … I was headed for the store. I also want to say i had 50 dollars in cash in my pocket just ready to spend.Previously that day i was ready to give up hypnotic persuassion for good but that all change when i ran into this guy.At first he was selling some items that i was interested in.I knew that he was not legit but he was truly gifted at building rapport.After trusting him i took a walk with him and we talked.I knew something was seriously wrong but some how my mind was going blank the more i talked to him. At that point he asked me to take out my money.As i took it out my pocket he grab it gently.And then he told me to walk up the street and wait for him to come.I agreed and started walking.I knew this was wrong thats what makes this so strange.After that i instantly realised what i done.This cant be normal.

Rapport, Pacing and Leading

One thing that many NLPers miss about rapport is that in a persuasion context you are more likely to want to lead a person rather than pace them. Although John does not say this specifically my guess would be that this man took the lead right from the start. Here are some ideas of what might have been going on.

John knows that the guy is not legit right from the start and this allows the guy to run a particular type of rapport pattern. He would have made what he has to offer very exclusive, special and only being offered to special types of people that included John and excludes the rest of the world. He is leading John into a” them and us” situation where the rest of the world is against John and his new found friend. This is a real great pattern that I used to use ethically galvanize and motivate teams.

This guy will then have gained a little more commitment from John. This might be to have a look at something, buy something or just take some simple action. You then link this action to wanting to find out more (“Now you have looked at (x) it is obvious you are interested and it would be a real shame if you didn’t have a look at (y) since I have it here for you”).

Robert Cialdini, Influence

These are commitment and consistency patterns that Robert Caidini has researched and written up in his book Influence, which I highly recommend. A very basic understanding is as simple as when people say they will do something thing they have a higher tendency to follow through. From a persuasion context if you can get someone to make a small commitment you can then start using linking phrases to build further commitment, which you can link more to and so on until you have moved them to where you want them.

At each point on this journey you are asking the other person to do something and then when they do it you are building up a follow / response potential that is a version of rapport and when used skilfully builds huge levels of rapport. So at the point where they go for a walk for whatever purpose this guy will have built a massive level of rapport and have taken John through a series of commitment building exercises. But there is another powerful persuasion technique this guy will have used to hook John.

Building Anticipation, Opening Loops

Have you ever had someone tell you a long joke but they forget the punch line? Have you noticed many TV shows have a dramatic climax that comes to head before a commercial break which is not resolved until after the break? Have you also noticed these shows often leave many unanswered questions every episode and usually end each episode with a cliff hanger? If so you already know the power of an open loop.

This is another great way of directing focus, building desire or anticipation. By the fact that the person is focusing their attention on you means that you have more rapport and more response potential. Imagine what happens to John if this guy is opening loops as part of the conversation.

There are many more tools that this guy may well have operating here but with just these two you could create the same effect. The interesting thing is that John knew this was strange / wrong at the time and yet he still complied.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns, Comprehensive Practical Persuasion Techniques

The tools you can use to create these situations are explained in detail in Advanced Persuasion Patterns, the most comprehensive internet based course on hypnotic persuasion skills. But more importantly the course will show you how to defend yourself against this sort of thing as well as how you can use these techniques in an ethical way. And trust me there are some practical reasons why it will benefit you to use these skills ethically.

By understanding how these things work and what is happening as part of the process of conversing with each other is a great way of defending yourself against those people that don’t have your best intentions in mind.

And Finally…

Having read through this article means that you already have some understanding of how powerful hypnotic persuasion tools can be used. Having read this far you obviously have a commitment to learning and developing these skills for yourself. In which case don’t you owe it to yourself to have a look at the most powerful hypnotic persuasion skills course on the internet?

Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course

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