Frames, A Key NLP Persuasion Tool for Stealing Bacon Rolls

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This article is about how you can covertly install new behaviour with people. It continues from yesterday’s article about how you can use NLP to steal bacon rolls. You need to read that article first to make sense of this one. Here is a link to the article about NLP and Bacon.

An Interlude – Installing New Concepts

Yesterday we threw four great concepts at the reader. The obvious one is about frame control or pattern interrupts. The second concept we played with hugely in that article was open loops. This is just a posh way of saying unfinished business. Are there any points in the previous article that you are expecting to be resolved today?


For example; I told you that I ended up stealing the bacon roll, but I have yet to tell you how that happened. This is a way of keeping the reader engaged and wanting to read on. I have done that a whole number of times right through that article (don’t worry we are getting to it before the end of the series you will be fully equipped to bankrupt your local bakery through a life of crime). This is a great way of taking people in to a trance as well as getting you to stay engaged.

The third concept was almost a little more subtle. I took the reader through an NLP Technique called Perceptual Positions. This technique is a key persuasion skill. It is simply the ability to look at any situation through several different perspectives. In any situation there is your own perspective, the perspective of the person you are speaking with and a neutral third person, observer perspective as the three most obvious perspectives. In the article I talk the reader through that process over the accidental trance induction.

And the fourth concept is a completely unsubtle way of opening yet another loop. Have a reread of the previous article and see if you can spot it. Don’t worry if you don’t as I will make it obvious through this series of articles. You can click through and read it.

Framing, a Powerful Hypnotic Persuasion Tool

I hope you are already recognising how in the previous article I was deliberately demonstrating various persuasion techniques both overtly and covertly. If you were to hold a particular frame as you read these articles you will get a massive amount of learning from them. Here are some of the frames you might find useful.

  • These are teaching articles and are deliberately set up to give you things to think about, tools to use and some practical examples of some hypnotic persuasion tools.
  • Many of these tools, techniques and concepts are being demonstrated overtly and covertly in the body of the articles.
  • If you were to hold questions in your head you will get maximum value from these articles, for example; “How could I use this concept in my life?”

Let Go of the Conceptual and Give Me the Bacon

Meanwhile back in the bakers I unfortunately came to the wrong conclusion and popped out of my trance moments before the poor shop assistant was about to do the same thing. When people get thrown in to confusion they tend to grab for anything that might give them the logic of the situation.

Sausage & Bacon RollI had been staring at an advertising poster of sausage and bacon rolls that was hanging on the back wall. I automatically thought that she had asked me if I would like to add a sausage.

I was still confused, I didn’t know if I wanted a sausage, it wasn’t part of the plan, I didn’t know why she was asking me. The easiest way of gaining some time to consider is to ask a question. So I did. I asked her if it was pork or beef.

Now let’s look at that from her perspective. She is going about her normal routine and asks a normal up-sell question about adding a potato scone. This is something she has done probably hundreds of times possibly even that morning. She is expecting a yes or no response and she can carry on her normal routine from either response.

But instead she gets someone that first doesn’t respond and just before she comes to the conclusion that he didn’t hear the question he acts as if he did hear her but asks a question that makes no sense. Can you see how this sets up another level of confusion for her?

Let’s look at this externally from both parties and notice what is happening. By a quirk of fate the shop assistant and I are thrown into confusion and lose our frames of reference. Because we are doing this together it is a rapport builder (not like the badly taught rapport that happens on some really poor NLP programmes, but the increasing responsiveness type of rapport) and is quite a lot of trance. Just as she is coming back to normality I throw her deeper in to trance by seeming to relate to her original question but with a response that makes no sense. Imagine what conversational control you have when you do this sort of thing deliberately.

Applying the Concept

I don’t know if this story is real. I hope it is and if the person this happened to reads this article please come and let me know. Even if this is not a true story it still has a lot of valuable insight that you can use. Incidentally if you want a similar type of story that is completely real the imaginary kittens pattern interrupt is fully written up in the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

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Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

An NLP Practitioner on his prac course in Glasgow was walking back to his hotel one night. He was accosted by three unsavoury gentlemen commonly referred to as neds. They were offering him violence in exchange for his wallet.

The practitioner having spent several days developing his behavioural flexibility, frame control and state management responded by misinterpreting what the local neds had said. The practitioner thanked them profusely for finding his wallet.

Let’s look at this from the neds’ perspective. They have an expected flow to this conversation and none of it involves their victim thanking them for anything especially about a wallet that they were looking forward to stealing. If you play this interrupt well their frame of reference is completely gone and a confusion trance is starting. This is a trance state that is already being controlled by the practitioner.

After a few minutes of the practitioner telling them that he will reward them with all the money in the wallet for handing it over and the robbers saying that they don’t have it a whole new level of confusion is beginning. And the practitioner has very skilfully introduced a benefit for handing over the wallet that the neds can’t fulfil. This leads straight in to  the practitioner suggesting that he must have dropped it close by and he enlists their help in finding it. The practitioner now has a bunch of confused neds looking for his wallet in the road, through the undergrowth and gutters along the path. All the while thinking they will be rewarded when they find it.

Again let’s look at the system. The neds started with a certain set of expectations, they get thrown in to confusion and the practitioner has just taken complete control. The neds are following his lead because they don’t know how else to react in the situation. And the practitioner whilst not giving them time to gather their thoughts is offering a reward for the successful conclusion of his actions.


After a few minutes searching the practitioner thanks them for all the effort they put in and tells them that he must have lost it elsewhere. And then in a spark of genius he mutters that he doesn’t know how he is going to get home and asks to borrow a couple of pounds for a taxi. Now that he has built the responsiveness and is being seen as the leader one of the neds gives him money for a taxi.

Developing a Persuasive Personality

When you start thinking of conversations in this sort of way you quickly become aware of various trance states and how they are working. You also develop heightened awareness of what is happening to other people. I teach the skills specifically on the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course there will be a great deal for this in a day or so…So don’t go and buy it yet but come and have a look at the FAQ Page Here.

Alternatively you can attend the one NLP Practitioner Course that I am running this year and get the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed as a free bonus. Click through and read the NLP Practitioner Course here.

Covering Ground

It may not feel like it but this article has covered a lot of distance. You have practised perceptual positions again. You have learnt an entire system for taking control of the frames of reference. Even better you have done this through looking at direct applications. This means you have also learnt a lot about how to use metaphor to covertly explain, develop and install behaviour. And you are one step closer to learning how to use hypnosis to steal bacon rolls. Incidentally you can broaden the system out to steal any bread based prepared food products I am just using bacon rolls as an example.

In the next article I will show you how I developed this trance with this shop assistant turning her in to a virtual automaton. But more importantly you will see demonstrations of how you can covertly take control of the frames with a total stranger before you even start talking. Imagine being able to take covert control of any conversations before it has started. That is exactly what we will look at being able to do in the next article.


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