More Thoughts on Practicing Persuasive Techniques

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I love receiving emails where people run patterns on me. It gives me great pleasure in seeing how they are applying the persuasive techniques from The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Great Examples of NLP Language Patterns in Emails

Here is a pretty impressive email from Kevin (name changed to preserve anonymity) along with a couple of ideas on practising NLP Language Patterns.

To put this email in context Kevin has just subscribed to the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme and a fault on the system meant he didn’t get the downloads as quick as he would normally have got them. Anyway here is the email he sent:

Received: Wednesday 29th April 18:29

From: Kevin

…BTW, I haven’t received the first installment or lesson yet. Should I have received by now? The issue is not whether I’ve received them, but how quickly I can put the lesson into practice. Imagine your excitement and pride as you send me the lesson that you know will impact lives forever.

What must I do or write in order for you to send it to me quickly?

Thanks for everything.


Ps. The above paragraph contains more “true” applicable learning than my 3 months of weekend only practitioner training.

Thanks again. LOL

Using NLP Language Patterns in Emails

I think Kevin’s email was brilliant. He has used a whole load of ideas that you can find in The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme. I obviously wanted to respond to him in kind and also get his agreement to publish his email. This was my response:

Sent: Wednesday 29th April 19:03

From: Rintu

Hi Kevin,

Your email was absolutely brilliant and I should take the time to construct an equally witty and clever response. But the real issue is not the time to construct a good response but to make sure you get the lessons as quickly as possible, in which case can we assume you have had an equally clever response that has convinced you agree to allow me to publish your email in a blog post.

If you had agreed I would obviously change the name so no-one can trace the comment about your prac course back to you. And that should make you even more comfortable with allowing me to post your email.

I checked the system and you are definitely on it. Sometimes the autoresponders are a little slow so you might get the email in an hour or so. The other thing might be that it is sat in your spam folder. In any case the real issue is to make sure you get the material right now. Below are the links to the first two lessons.
(Links Removed)



I don’t think that there is any real need to deconstruct the patterns as they are all very obvious and well written up in various blog posts as well as in the book.

Just to round off the story here is Kevin’s response:
Sent: Wednesday 29th April 20:27

From: Kevin

Lesson number 1: Don’t mess with the master
Lesson number 2: Read lesson number 1

Rintu, that was wonderful. I sat here laughing hysterically. Brilliant.

Please use our conversation in the manner which you see fit. Thanks so very much for offering this and other courses.


Practicing NLP Language Patterns on the Internet

When I first started actively looking for ways of practicing persuasion patterns I found this idea really helpful. I would spend hours in chat rooms, forums and sending emails with my list of patterns that I was learning. The objective was just to get the pattern into a conversation. Again, let go of any outcome, just use the pattern. Then I started playing games. For example having three patterns and you have to get them all into one post / email in order or you had to use a particular pattern to make a complete and random change in the conversation.

Doing this, particularly in chat rooms gives you some pressure to have to think in real time…but everything is a little slower and you don’t have the same perceived risks that you might feel in a face to face conversation. It is great fun and you also get to think about how conversations are structured and where patterns will fit. In fact a big benefit for me was learning how to set the conversations up to be able to deliver a pattern effectively.

Emails and Persuasion Techniques

I also went through a phase where I committed to myself to add a pattern into every email I sent whether it was necessary or not. Remember though when practicing patterns the objective is to practice patterns, so I would write emails that were more pattern than content. When you have an objective that is important it is not the time to practice patterns so use what is effective (and as a rule of thumb “less is more” would be my approach).

The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme will give you loads more ideas on how to practice patterns.

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  1. Cameron

    Hi Kevin, Rintu,

    Loved the emails, thanks for publishing. Great stuff from both emails that I can adapt for a lot of scenarios.

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