Some Final Thoughts before We Start Playing with this Properly

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Over the last few days we have looked at a simple pattern, “Before We Start”, looked at how we can use perceptual positions to use it as an impromptu trance induction and pushed it as far as a pattern to install a new way of thinking. In this article we will look at a few more ideas, examples and how you can use it

Before we start this article will make more sense if you have read the previous one that built to this point. Here are the links if you need to catch up:

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Also if you want to see a recorded demonstration of these ideas being used on a live audience as well as have the whole thing transcribed with notes I have the whole course on promotion. But click through and have a look right now as it is a time limited offer.

User Examples

As part of any of my larger courses you get access to a secret advanced persuasion skills practice group on Facebook. One of the students on there came up with a couple of great examples of how to use this whole concept. Here is a screen shot of his examples:


Variations on a Theme

When I started this series of articles I was asked if I would do some written examples. So I deliberately over cooked one of the emails that I sent out linking to the articles. If you are on my email list you will have already seen this. But just to refresh your memory, even if you haven’t seen it here is the main body of the text:

The last couple of articles have been about explaining how you can covertly give people a set of instructions for what you want them to do. In today’s article we are going to continue that theme by looking at a sales example.

But before I give you the link I would like you to be aware of what this is really about. I am a firm supporter of content led marketing. In short the idea is that if I send out good quality articles, you will read them, find them interesting and as a result look through the course I am promoting.

Here is the clever bit. If I link the article to the course. Say for example I use the persuasion techniques that I am writing about in the article itself the reader will recognise some of the power of the material and be more predisposed to buy.

Here is the sneaky bit. What if I use the techniques to sell the techniques? I can put my readers into several categories.

  • There are those that are going to buy anyway…great I am just presenting the material for them so they can go and buy right now.
  • There are those that just need some info about the product before they buy…great I am motivating them to read the sales page and they can pick up the information match it against their criteria to buy and make a decision.
  • There are those that need an active demonstration of how these persuasion techniques work before they would consider it…great hopefully they will recognise I am using the material with them as well as teaching it. This raises my credibility, I walk my talk. It increases my reputation as a trainer, I use the material that I train. And it allows these readers to make an informed decision on another level.
  • There are those that are not ready to buy yet…great they are getting load of really good free content to keep them interested until they are ready to buy.
  • There are tyre kickers and info hoarders that are never going to buy…great giving them great content may mean they will tell other people, it helps keep my ranking and reputation and if I can keep them coming back they may change and eventually want to buy one of the courses.

And so long as I keep giving you great content there is the opportunity for me to present promotions and products to you.

So if you haven’t guessed already I am promoting my Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course. I have dropped the price to on third normal and made sure that there is a whole series of bonuses to ensure everyone from a complete novice to a seasoned professional will get massive amount from it.

But like all good promotions I am only keeping it open for a short while. I am closing it at 10 am on Monday 6th BST (2 am PDT and 4 am EDT). You can take a look at the course here:

So without any more hesitation let me present the next part in this series of articles looking at a sales environment. If you are not in sales pick a different environment and imagine how you would use a similar approach. It is an incredibly flexible idea so coming up with different ways of using it come up really easily.



Note the direct process instructions for what I want the reader to do. In any other environment I may well have added, “…with a view to buy” or something similar. I’ve not in this case because I am treading a fine line with my readers.

My reputation and specialty is about using what I am teaching. And whilst people expect me to (over) use these techniques as a sales tool I also don’t want it to be me milking the list. Basically I want the reader to learn rather than just pushing sales literature in their faces.

Also in the email notice the bullet points where I subdivide the readers into categories and get them to a point where they are buying or moving towards buying. Again in another environment I might well have done that I/You shift so they got to, “You can go and buy right now.” But again I felt it was a little too much.

In Conclusion

Before you run out and really play with this concept here is an idea or two. I hope you are seeing this as a powerful and flexible set of ideas. You don’t have to stick to them rigidly, but just having the idea embedded in your head is enough to make significant changes to the way you see persuasion skills.

I remember when I first started thinking about things in this sort of way. I don’t know if you are the same, but the first thing that happened to me was a thought, “You can bypass any conscious resistance and install direct commands that flexibly? And then you could cycle through modalities and perceptual positons to keep repeatedly doing it?”

You may not be as fanatical as I am about this sort of thing but I bet you can imagine the amount of fun I was having just trying this out everywhere with every one about everything. If you can imagine that you may not see it as fun, but it can be if you approach it the right way.

What if your only intention was to get people to laugh and have fun? Let’s suppose someone had worked out a structure for having fun and then just ran around for a few days just finding new ways of installing that in people. If you can imagine it then that was what I was like and what I recommend you have ago at.

But before you go remember we are at the closing stages of this promotion. So whilst you will always be able to get Persuasion Skills on Steroids for full price on my website right now (3rd October 2014) you can get the course for just a third of the price. Click through and find out how much fun you can have playing hypnotic language with people.

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