Street Vendors and NLP Techniques

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This article is late. I had an article all prepared to post up this morning but on my way into work I had the most perfect demonstration of some amazing persuasion patterns and just had to share it with you.

Learn NLP Techniques from the people that use them well

This article is about a process to create a demand or audience.

Persuasion Techniques to Create Demand

On my way into work I usually walk up Buchannan Street and have to dodge a number of street hawkers, big issue sellers and charity muggers. Today as I was strolling up the road my attention was drawn towards a young man distributing leaflets. His behaviour was bizarre enough for me to stop for a couple of minutes and just watch how he gave the leaflets away.

Before I describe his highly effective method of distributing leaflets let me explain the standard process that I usually see. The leafletier is normally stood at some restriction in the road so it is difficult to get past them without them trusting a leaflet into your hands. They normally have a scowl on their face because of the amount of rejection they face. Most people try and get past them without making eye contact or touching a leaflet. If they manage to make eye contact you are almost duty bound to take the leaflet that is being thrust into your hands. But often the leaflets go straight into the next bin that you pass without ever being read.

A New NLP Paradigm in Leafleting

This young man was doing an incredible job and having fun distributing his leaflets. He would target people from a distance and use an instant rapport process. As his target got closer instead of advancing on them thrusting his leaflet he would walk beside them talking to them. Unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to hear what he was saying but the whole of the body language made it look close, intimate and a personal conversation. He then handed over the leaflet as if it were a secret personal treasure that he really shouldn’t be giving them.

A couple of times I noticed he was on the point of handing out the leaflet and then changed his mind and started to withdraw. Each time he did that the subject demanded the leaflet from him. I also saw him on several occasions look at a person and withdraw the leaflet even before he had approached them as if to say they don’t deserve it. And again for most of time the person came to him and asked for the leaflet. In every case I got the impression that people were taking the leaflets, reading them and taking them as something valuable.

Deconstructing the Art of the Master Leafletier

Either through luck or by design this guy is using a process. He is going through a set sequence of events. He has an instant rapport process that he uses to target likely candidates. He then decides whether he is going to use his “walk along side” approach or the “you are not allowed a leaflet” approach. In each case he has the sequence worked out and well rehearsed with a huge amount of persuasion techniques built in and working automatically. If you want to explore the specific techniques he is using then the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme is the place to find out more.

The Key Point

One of the most important things you will learn on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme is how to create processes and patterns that you can slip into automatically and not have to think about. Just think about a situation where you would like to be more persuasive. Then imagine that same situation with you trying to concentrate on the conversation as well as looking at whether you are matching and mirroring them, using sensory based language, checking eye patterns, working out personality profiles, eliciting emotions and anchoring them. Does this sound difficult? I hope so because I would not stand a chance of persuading anyone of anything if I had to think of all of this at the same time.

I advocate an approach that is about you developing processes that have all of this already built in. Then you practice the process until it is automatic. That way you can relax focus on the conversation and have fun. If you want to learn how to do that then it is all here for you in the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme. And if you want a copy for free it is one of the bonuses, including a free iPad that you can get when you book on the Hypnotic Sales in the City Course for this month in New York.

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