Using Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques to Move Your Audience

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I’ve had three emails this week all asking about hypnotic persuasion techniques and how you can use them with an audience.

Develop Your Presentation Skills using Covert Hypnosis

Even if your audience is one person these techniques can have an enormous impact.

Why Should Learn Hypnotic Persuasion Skills?

This article is from Dr Tom who will tell you about the changes he made in his presentation. With his usual presentation he was getting few to no sales. Once he changed the presentation and delivered it the very first time he got nine sales. Dr Tom even explains exactly what he did to change the presentation.

Hypnotic presentation skills example

 Can I Learn Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Easily?

In this article Thomas not only outlines an extraordinary result but also gives you a detailed step by step process about how he did it. And he got all this from the first three lessons.

Getting results using hypnotic presentation skills.

Show me how I can use Hypnotic Persuasion Skill?

But there is always lots more value in seeing how it is done. With this in mind the link below will take you to an article where you will not only learn these advanced tactics but you will also see me apply them and then I explain in detail how it works.

Demonstrating hypnotic persuasion skills

Where can I find out more about Hypnotic Persuasion Skills?

At the point of writing this (evening of 13th May) there are about 20 places left on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme. This is the first time in five months that the programme has been open and it is already close to selling out again. Find out more about it here:


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