The Power of Metaphor

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Everyone loves a good story. Metaphors are a great way to change people’s beliefs, outlook or focus. We are exposed to all sorts of narratives that change our perceptions. This article is about one structure for metaphor that you can use in multiple persuasion contexts.

Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Healing

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Using NLP Persuasion Skills on Yourself On page 51 of the Persuasion Skills Back Book I suggest a way on increasing your self-esteem by using hypnotic language patterns to persuade yourself to think more highly of yourself. A natural extension of the process would be to talk yourself into healing any physical or psychological problem that you might face. This article is about how … Read More

NLP Techniques, Decision Making with Time Line

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So you’ve got some new ideas, goals and plans for the weeks, months and years ahead. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’, so in this short article we are going to discover some Master-Keys to achieving effective outcomes.