NLP Business Leadership and Coaching

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The dates of the next NLP Company Practitioner Training are 31st Jan to 8th Feb 2009 in Glasgow. The course will contain all the content for the certified NLP Practitioner Course but will centre on the theme of NLP Business Leadership and Coaching.

Why Study NLP Techniques for Business Leadership?

The main content of this NLP Training will be as normal, but when you build the content around a theme you can produce some astounding results. Here are some of the applications you will learn to use on this NLP Practitioner Course.

  • How to inspire, motivate and lead
  • Changing unhelpful beliefs in yourself and others
  • Models of excellence, how to find them and install them in yourself and others

Some of the more corporate elements will include:

  • Developing and utilising core values and identity for recruitment, talent development and performance
  • Becoming a learning organisation
  • Psychological sales and management techniques

Whilst getting all the practitioner material that is taught on standard courses is useful imagine the huge benefit of having that material and more given to you in a way that is directly relevant to your business.

What is the relationship between Leadership and Business Coaching?

Truly inspirational leadership is about empowering people to produce results under their own initiative. Coaching is a very efficient tool to do this and NLP greatly enhances the coaching tool kit.

On this course you will learn advanced coaching skills that you can use in formal coaching sessions or covertly in team, management and corporate settings. These would include how to:

  • The keys to goal setting on an unconscious level
  • Changing behaviour and habits
  • Belief changes for individuals and groups
  • Install self confidence and building self esteem
  • Get people to take ownership

This is a one off Certified NLP Practitioner Course geared to delivering much more than just a normal practitioner course. Numbers are heavily restricted. If you want to book right now all you need do is send a £500 deposit to secure your place and get the early bird discount price of £2497.

If you are considering a NLP Course to give you the tools for serious development in either business leadership and / or coaching then this is the course you need to book on. Just drop me an email via the contact form to start the process.



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