NLP, Hypnosis and Covert Persuasion for Fast Change

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Calling All Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Hypnotherapists and Counsellors. Want to know how you can do change work so fast that your client will change before they have finished telling you the problem?

In this article I am going to share with you how I learned to work so fast with clients that I almost totally broke my coaching practice.

In the Begining

When I was first starting out formally as a coach and trainer I was working in a hardnosed, pragmatic and cynical environment. I was routinely faced with people that referred to me as the guy that does the weird voodoo shite.

Funny Guru Casting a Spell.

As a result I developed lots of techniques and strategies to draw them in and motivate them to do the things I wanted them to do. As I got further into both hypnosis and NLP I discovered more ways that I could do things like covert belief changes to take away their baggage before starting.

As I deepened my studies and started to get involved with conversational trance I used to practise on all and sundry. One rich vein of practise for me was all the prospects and clients I was seeing. So the natural extension was not just to trance them out just for the sake of it but to actually see if I could do anything useful with them whilst I was doing it.

The Structure of a Problem

I started to look at meta patterns and how people put the structure of their problems together. I realised that if you generalise the nature of a problem you can often pull it apart the structure of it without the client even realising that you are destroying the problem. In fact once you get the idea you don’t even need to know what the problem is.

I started to covertly take people into trance and pull apart the structure of their problem before they had even finished telling me why they had come to see me. It doesn’t always work but at one point over half the potential clients that were phoning me would go away having been “fixed” before they had even booked a session.

Bad Business Strategies

You can probably imagine just how badly I damaged my own business. People would phone to enquire about my services and twenty minutes later they would leave with no need of them.

At one point I even started taking the problem away and then putting it back so I could do it again in proper coaching session. I was that desperate for business. That didn’t sit with my values and ethics so I stopped that quite quickly.

Generalising the Approach

But here is the thing. Once I had developed the approach I started training others how to do it. I generalised the idea to so many different areas. I would teach sales people how to inoculate their prospects against common objections, I would people how they could preframe the ideas of a perfect date before asking someone out and parents how to plant seeds of confidence before their children started difficult homework.

I also learned how I could give my clients deeper more substantial change work. So my client would come in with some presenting issue and they would leave having turned around huge sections of their lives. I discovered how you can use the same principles with groups as well as individuals.

If you would like to develop these skills then click through here and find out how.

2 Comments on “NLP, Hypnosis and Covert Persuasion for Fast Change”

  1. Rachel Chapa

    I read “Persuasion Skills Blackbook: Job Hunting and really got the idea behind it, how can I use these techniques to combat depression and low self-esteem?

    1. Rintu Basu

      That is not an easy question to answer within the confines of a blog comment. First make sure you have sought and taken any appropriate medical advice perhaps seen the doctor if necessary.

      Most people talk to themselves in their head. And we are looking at persuasive language. This means you could have conversations in your head and use these techniques to talk yourself round from depression and low self esteem. I actually have instructions for doing this in the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

      Whilst this sort of material can help it is not the same as proper medical solutions so first and foremost make sure you have spoken with a doctor or proper health care professionals. After that you can use this stuff to support what they suggest.



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