NLP Timelines and Spatial Anchors

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A couple of days ago I put out a video showing how I often set up spatial anchors. A question I have been emailed several times is do I set up timelines in the same way. So today I have a video showing you how I do that.

How to Covertly Set Up a TimeLine with Spatial Anchors

In a recent article I should a video of me demonstrating spatial anchors from an upcoming video course, Trancey Coaching Conversations. I love spatial anchors because you can do a lot of things with them.

You probably need to see the previous video to make sense of what is happening in this one. So here is the link if you have not seen it before:

 Selling using NLP Anchors

Almost always in training and often when coaching I will set up a time line with the client or audience. Often I want to take the problems, put them in to the past. Take future resources and bring them into the present, take current objections and put them in the past so we can bring up future benefits and discuss them first…and so on. Using spatial anchors I can help that whole process with the gestures that I use.

Doing the Sneaky Stuff

In Trancey Coaching Conversations I fully debrief how these things work and how I set them up. But at the front end of the course I want the students to experience what these techniques are like as an innocent member of the audience. So I tend to preteach and use them all up front.

In this video clip Chris has just had an interesting intervention using spatial anchors. I use his confusion as a means to get further into the conversation and set up a time line.

This was right at the beginning of the course. Towards the end of the course I start explaining what has been really going on in case they have been focused on the conversation and not seen it all. That is what I was doing in the other video from later in the course.

You can find out more about Trancey Coaching Conversations right here:

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