Confidence in Using Hypnotic Language Patterns

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I get a lot of mail about ways to become confident in using the Hypnotic Language Patterns from The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Hypnotic Trance Scripts for Confidence

The reality is playing with the patterns builds familiarity, experience and eventually confidence. The more you use them the more it becomes easy to use them until you get to a point where you are just doing it naturally. That said I have had on my mind the idea of creating a special hypnotic recording that will accelerate the process. This article is about the powerful effects of well constructed hypnotic scripts in developing confidence.

If you want a free copy of a powerful recording designed to boost your skills and confidence in hypnotic language patterns then there is an offer on this page.

Happy Minds

I have been considered creating a recording of my own but I recently caught up with Andrew Milne, a good friend and excellent NLPer Hypnotist that I had not seen since before Christmas. Andrew specialises in all things emotional as you will see when you click through to his website at Happy Minds.

When I met up with Andrew he told me that he has been recording some great products using leading edge research in brainwave frequencies and hypnotic theories. After hearing and analysing some of the recording he is producing it made sense to get him to produce the recording on my behalf.

NLP Techniques – Start with the End in Mind

Like the good NLPers that we are Andrew and I prepared a comprehensive brief of what the results the recording should create. This included using patterns and concepts from the book to:

  • Create a profound deep hypnotic learning state
  • Remove the anxiety or fear of using language patterns
  • Install a desire to play and practice patterns in a state of playfulness
  • Make the process generative so the more you do the better you feel creating a propulsion system to your desired results
  • Future Pace becoming a hypnotic persuasion skills master
  • Notice how much better you are becoming

It sounds like a lot but it took Andrew less than two weeks to come up trumps and for me to find a new found energy in practicing my own patterns. Here is what happened to me listening to the recording.

The Field Test

The first time I listened to the recording a strange thing happened to me. My initial listening was just to check the levels, sound quality and get an overview of what Andrew had created. I remember thinking that it will be difficult staying out of deep trance with the rhythms that are playing at the beginning of the recording. I then remember waking up at the end of the session. To date I have listened to the recording six times. I am getting better at staying awake right the way through it but I still do not have a clear idea of all patterns outside of what Andrew has explained to me. I just can’t stay awake long enough to register them consciously.

But the issue is not how powerfully this recording sends you into trance but is all about the results you get from it. Personally I have noticed that I am firing off patterns constantly. That does not sound like a lot in my life, but the context, emotions and my reactions have changed. And I was not expecting any personal changes as I would say I am reasonably confident in using and practicing patterns.

One of the funniest, most profound and coolest results happened an hour ago when I used a confusion pattern to get my local shopkeeper to pay me to take his goods (I gave him the money back a little later, I prefer win / win situations). But there was so much good stuff going on in that situation that I will write it up as a separate article later.

The Competition

Andrew has tried out the recording with a few people that he knows and has had some great feedback. I have listened to it and had some great results, but we want some case studies of the results that you get with it. As such I have decided to give away three free copies. Before you apply for your free copy you need to meet some criteria. You have to:

  • Be a member of the Persuasion Skills Black Book Facebook Page
  • Have read The Persuasion Skills Black Book and are putting at least some of the material into practice
  • Be prepared to listen to the recording and get some results within the next two weeks
  • Write a review / testimonial including some detail of the results you achieved using the recording and be prepared to have this published on my blog within the next three weeks. No contact details will be published but if you have a web page you want to promote that can be a feature of the article we publish.

If you are willing to meet all the criteria above then all you need do is go to the Facebook page and write on the wall the results you expect from using this recording. The best three by the end of the week will get a free copy of the recording to try out. At the end with the case studies published the best overall results will win a copy of the three hour Persuasion Skills on Steroids Workshop Video as well.

2 Comments on “Confidence in Using Hypnotic Language Patterns”

  1. Rintu Basu

    Sorry Joost,
    It will be available later as part of a package deal. I am not sure if Andrew is selling it as an individual product, but at the moment it is not avaiable.


  2. Joost van Stralen

    Hi Rintu,

    Is the forementioned recording still somewhere available ?
    I would like to purchase it for my own use.

    I like your work very much and I’m practicing it everyday 🙂


    Joost van Stralen

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