Hypnotic Pacing and Leading Patterns

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My friend and fellow hypnotist Joshua Houghton asked me if I would write an article for his blog about pacing and leading patterns. These sorts of patterns can be the most covert and powerful patterns that you can get. They are also some of the most fun.

 Covert Persuasion Techniques

If you saw the interview with Marcus last week you will already know I like pacing and leading patterns. If you didn’t catch that interview then you can see it here.

Having seen the interview you probably understand just how flexible these patterns are and you just have to use your creativity to lead people to where you want them to go. As you read through this and start to think about different ways you might use these types of patterns you might want to look through a few more examples. And luckily for you Joshua asked me to write an article for his website. You can find a different slant on pacing and leading patterns when you read the article here.


If you like the interview with Marcus let him know by leaving a comment.


If you like the article on whatsonmybrain.com let Joshua know by leaving a comment.

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