NLP Language Pattern Audio

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Below is a free audio where I build up a super pattern based on a redefine, an agreement frame and a presupositional question. If you are not an NLP jargon junkie then all it is a really good pattern to completely redirect a person’s focus.

Free NLP Persuasion Pattern Audio

Whilst this super pattern features in The Persuasion Skills Black Book in this audio I show you the building blocks, demonstrate various different ways of using it and how you can practice getting fluent with it.

Persuasive Techniques on Steroids

This recording was made outdoors so the recording is not as clean as I would like, but the content is pure gold. The audio is fifteen minutes long and in that fifteen minutes you will find a very powerful pattern as well as how to practice and use it.

The rest of the two hour audio can be heard as part of the most powerful persuasion course that I am currently making available. This is just one of hundreds of techniques you will discover on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme.

NLP Language Pattern Video

Since posting this blog I have found a host for longer video clips so I have replaced the audio clip with a video version of the same.  This is the same segment of training but now you can watch clip as well as listen to it. If you are aware of NLP Anchoring Techniques watch the use of spacial anchors to deliver the point home in this NLP Language Pattern Training.

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