A Key Persuasion Principle to Easily Get What You Want

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This article will show you an extremely common mistake people make that devalue themselves and ending up with making do with whatever is available.

New Ways of Getting What You Want?

Recently I have seen a rash of people trying “non-traditional” methods to get jobs. It usually involves a lot of bitching and moaning about how CVs and resumes don’t work and then some PR attempt to land a substandard CV in front of someone with enough power and stupidity to give them a chance at a job.bored

The most recent one that contacted me was asking for help promoting his website including an appalling CV. He wanted me to promote his website on my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I also noticed that he had asked the same of several recruitment companies.

There was no thought of what he could do for us. Just a straight forward begging letter asking me to help him.

I don’t know how the recruitment agencies treated him. I suspect not too well because they have their candidates to promote and that is where they make their money. I explained to this chap that I have books and courses about Job Hunting including CV / Resume writing.

I told him that I could not promote him with his CV in the state that it was in because people assume that he is a client of mine and his CV would not be a good advertisement for him or me. I even said to him that if he were to buy my book…

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…I would take the time to help him redo his CV. Then I would happily promote him.

I would even do a feature article of before and after CVs. I even said I was prepared to do a little coaching and help him along to get the best possible job so I could write it up as a case study.

He refused my offer of help because he was trying this “new” way of job hunting and he had tried the CV route already.

The next thing he posts on his website is about how some pages, sites and posts go viral in minutes yet the only people that are prepared to help him find a job are his friends and family. So let’s just nail a few persuasion principles out of this:

A General Persuasion Process

Find the people that matter.

If you are in sales then get to the decision makers that have the problem that you have the solution to. If you are looking for a job, find the people that want to employ people for the role you wish to do.

In job hunting circles a lot is being made of social media strategies for reaching the right person. This is not something new. The only thing that has changed is that the “right” person is a lot more accessible than 20 years ago. In the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques I go through a social media strategy for LinkedIn that I have now seen successfully used about five or six times and each time people are saying it is something new.

Remember the Persuasion Process is Not  About You

The easiest way to motivate people is to see the world through their eyes, understand their problems and link the solution to what you want them to do. In recruitment the CV, Resume and the interview has nothing to do with the job candidate. It is everything to do with the benefits the candidate can bring to the role or the company. In sales the issue isn’t your products and services, the issue is the solutions you can provide for your prospect’s problems.

Ask yourself what benefit the other party gains through using your product / hiring you / going on a date with you / or whatever it is that you want them to do. then present that information to them in a way they are likely to listen and respond.

Careful Who You Listen To

This guy was trying a “new” approach because after several hundred attempts with his CV no one had even offered him an interview, let alone a job. I find it interesting that he assumed the problem was the approach and the job market rather than an awful CV…even when he has the author of a bestselling book on job hunting telling him that his CV needed a lot of work.

The “traditional” approach still works excellently. It just relies on getting focused on what matters Here are a coupe of people that have used the “traditional” method without any problems:


Dear Rintu,

I bought your materials two days ago.

I listened to the materials, did a CV and got the interview.

I was offered the job today and they were selling me!

Your stuff is a miracle!

I will be glad to be a testimonial. After 3 years, I got the first job offered to me with extras!

Wade B


Hi Rintu

I am one of your customers who have purchased your hypnotic persuasion techniques for job interviews package.

I just want to thank you so much for this because you have changed my life i have secured my first ever job this week despite failing countless number of interviews before i learned your technique.

The most amazing thing is i did not even use and followed everything exactly in the formula you implemented just about half of it. Had the interview on a wednesday, found your technique on a tuesday night and within only few hours of watching your videos i still managed to use what i’ve learned from you and secure the job.

Thank you for changing my life.


Simon P

Did This Guy Get a Job?

Yes, he did get a job. If you take enough action eventually you will find someone willing to listen. So after a few weeks of plugging himself via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn someone put him in direct touch with some HR professional who then interviewed him for a standard telemarketing call centre position.

Interestingly though he has the smarts to try a different approach. He demonstrated the skills to build and develop a website together with a linked social media strategy for a particular purpose. His CV was packed full of really creative skills from web design through to being a DJ. It was also fairly evident that he has developed networking and social skills.

I know many people that could have used those skills and would pay handsomely for the privilege. If he had written his skills up decently I don’t think he would have needed to even try a “new” approach..and even if he had the results would certainly have been a better job than the one he ended up with.

The Key Point

Understand what benefit you are supplying for the other person and present that to them. In a recruitment context that means your CV or Resume needs to focus directly on the role and the company you are applying to. And it needs to state specifically the benefits of hiring you for that role. If you want to know how to do that the book that will show you step by step exactly how is:

The Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques

3djobhuntThe best-selling book on using NLP and Convert Hypnotic Persuasion to work for you in getting the job that you want.

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Buy it from Amazon.co.uk: Paperback or Kindle


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