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I was recently sent an email from John that had a brilliant exercise for building your CV / Resume. But is also contains a sneak little secret that everyone involved with persuasion skills needs to understand. Take on board this little idea and you will be infinitely more persuasive in any context.

Multiple Perspectives

In NLP there is a technique called Perceptual Positions that makes a significant difference. The concept is really simple. In any given exchange there are at least three different perspectives. There is the point from your perspective, the person you are dealing with will have a completely different view and a neutral third person observer will probably see the even differently again.


Depending on the situation different perspectives will give you different results. In any persuasion context having the flexibility to see all three positions at once will give you the maximum opportunity to get things moving. But the key is to be able to see things from the perspective of the person you are trying to persuade. Understand this and you dramatically increase your persuasive ability.

How Job Hunting is Geared to Trip you Up

One serious mistake a lot of Job Hunters make is they think the process is about them. It never is about them. It is all about their relationship with their future employer. The exercise is to look at yourself through the eyes of your future employer and ask the question, “Why should I employ you over the other candidates?”

The answers to that question are the ones that you need to articulate first on your CV / Resume / Application Form and then reinforce when you get to the interview.

An Email from John

The other day I received a great email from John with an excellent exercise that will help anyone that is preparing for any persuasive situation such as sales or negotiation. John has articulated this specifically in respect to Job Hunting.

From: John S
To: Rintu
Sent: Sunday
Subject: Wonderful and Successful

Hi Rintu,

I just had to share with the wonderful and successful brain-storming session I had for skills and achievements to apply to my resume and my targeted job search!

I got a piece of paper and wrote on the top “What do I bring to the company?” My initial goal was just to put pen to paper, and write all professional/job-related items–just brain storm. Next I filtered out the ones not relatable to my intended new career. From the remainders I will “add flesh to bone” by providing detailed, dated examples of each one. I came away with ten relatable skills/attributes!

Not only was this good in terms of resume and interview preparation, it was a great confidence booster. I recalled some valuable traits, and seeing on paper these traits–written by me–sent my confidence soaring to the moon and reaffirming my belief I will bring value and benefit to my new employer.

Your Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques belongs in Fort Knox–it’s gold!

Cheers from across The Pond,



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2 Comments on “Persuasion Skills Builder Exercises”

  1. Ray Kent

    I have been helping people with their resumes since the early 1970s, and have used the techniques you describe all that time. In my retirement, I have volunteered my time helping out unemployed friends, and strangers, develop a compelling resume. However, in the current climate, I find that providing confidence building exercises has become the most important part of my helping others. The last part of John’s e-mail, I believe, adds emphasis to that point.

    As an example, I worked with one individual, who, even with a good resume, said he felt like a failure. He felt this way because his last position was a self financed venture that collapsed with the downturn of the US economy. He believed that anyone reading his resume would believe the same. I took him through his resume from the point of view of potential interviewers, and was able to show him that the resume, as designed, presented him as an entrepreneur, and companies that needed that type of personality were to be his target market.

    Shortly after that exercise, he got an interview. I tell people I help with to work on finding the “Buyers” criteria. On way to start this process is to immediately ask “What specifically is it in my resume that caused you to bring me in for an interview?”. He asked that question, and the response was “I saw someone with an entrepreneur’s personality and skill set.”. Talk about, almost instant, positive feedback. His negative feelings about himself went away and he was able to move through the rest of the interview giving focused examples of him accomplishments, as they related to the “Buyer’s needs/criteria.

    I know this has been a wordy comment. I felt it necessary to emphasize how important the exercise described in the e=mail is

    1. Rintu Basu

      Thank You Ray,

      I completely agree with you. To stretch a point…if you don’t feel good about yourself you are unlikely to reach for the best jobs for you, unlikely to write the best resume / CV that you could write let alone perform well in interview. So thank you for the emphasis.



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