Using Hypnotic Persausion Skills on a CV for a Recruitment Agency

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A great use of NLP Persuasion Skills is job hunting. There are many different ways of using Hypnotic Persuasion on your CV and I am often asked about how to tailor your CV when using recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Agents and NLP CV Writing

This article will explain some of the issues involved and how to deal with them.

Modifying Your CV

In my NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills course I recommend taking company values and job criteria and customising your CV with them. I am often sent emails such as this:

From: Jane
Sent: Tuesday 08.44
To: Rintu
Subject: RE: Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Insights

Hi Rintu

Thank you for your continuing support, the VOLUME of information you post is amazing.

I have a question, my husband has been toying with the idea of also looking for a new job, he had been a bit disenfranchised, bored and unstimulated for a while. Anyway he now wants to really actively look, the companies values are not really aligned with his anymore. He is of course going to do the course, he is from an technical engineering background and will have to use agencies to seek positions, what is your opinion because they want you to send your CV then they send it out so may be difficult to change it to be company specific?



The first thing we need to do is understand the objectives of Recruitment Agencies.

Who is the Customer?

Some job hunters make the mistake of thinking that they are customers of the agency. They are not. The agencies get their bills paid for from the companies that hire them to find the right people. As a job hunter you are a product or resource that they are trying to sell to a company.

Knowing this should tailor the way that you deal with agencies. Firstly, if you are after a radical shift in employment, whether sideways or upwards, consider approaching companies direct, networking and sending speculative CV’s.

Agencies are unlikely to put you forward for anything that seems risky or you do not look like a perfect fit. Remember they need to look good for their customers and they will do this by providing candidates that are a good fit for the position rather than taking risks.

If you are looking for a similar position with some small changes to pay and conditions then agencies can be very appealing because they can take away a lot of the leg work.

Working on Recruitment Agencies

The most powerful thing you can do is to use the company values and job criteria on your CV. Unfortunately most of the time recruiters just want your CV and won’t tell you who the company is. If you can build a relationship with the agency and explain how you are using the information you may get some luck.

I have seen people use everything from the NLP Interview and CV Writing Course use all the rapport building tactics, the hypnotic answer formula and attitude material directly on the agency. Unless you are using a highly specialised head hunter that is being paid to place you an agency will generally put several candidates forward for any one position. Remember your objective is to get the agencies to not only represent you but to sell you in over and above any other candidate they might put forward so using the whole NLP Persuasion Techniques as outlined in the CV and interview Skills package is absolutely worth doing.

Generic Values

Whilst selling yourself into the agency is great you still don’t have the company values and job spec to modify your CV. Here is a fall back position. When putting together your generic CV do some research about the role and the type of company you are looking for.

If you look at a few websites and a few similar roles you will start to find common themes. As an exercise just pick an industry, for example banks, have a look at several websites and notice the commonalities in jargon, key phrases and values. They may be expressed differently or have slightly different priorities but I suspect you will find more similarities than differences. Obviously the best thing you can do is take the material specific for the company you are applying to, but your fallback position is to take the common themes and add them all to your CV.

Generating the Attitude

On the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course there are many sexy tools from customising your CV to add hypnotic techniques like values all the way through to interview techniques such as taking covert control of the interview and using an answer formula that implants post hypnotic suggestions.

The trouble with having these great tools is that they mask the real simple but most powerful foundation that makes the biggest difference. On the course I take you through the foundations are built from developing the right attitude. This still holds true when dealing with agencies.

Just assume the agencies are looking at you as a product to sell to their customers. The bottom line is as soon as you come across as the ideal product they will be desperate to want to place you. So the short answer is you can treat the agency as in a similar way to the way that you treat a potential employer and give them the opportunity to sell you to their clients.

Find out more about using NLP for your job hunting skills here.

2 Comments on “Using Hypnotic Persausion Skills on a CV for a Recruitment Agency”

  1. Marty

    Hi Rintu,
    I really like the advice you give about recruitment agencies. I have used them many times in the past and have also worked for one, so I have a pretty good idea of how things work. You are right. As a candidate in a recruitment agency, we are just simply a product. The recruitment industry is pretty unregulated and there are a fair few rogue’s out there. I know. I’ve been caught by a few! As you say, the REAL people to be talking to are the actual employers. Many recruitment agencies operate as little more the CV farmers. Some have lied to me in the past about jobs they have put me forward for. Others have chastised me for refusing a job offered that I didn’t want.
    I treat agencies for what they are and make use of them appropriately.

    1. Rintu Basu

      It is difficult because you need them on side even if they are being obstructive. A great opportunity to learn to use some skills in less than perfect conditions.

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