How to Quickly Become Hypnotically Persuasive

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Do you want to rapidly gain the skills of a hypnotic master persuader? This article will show you how.

Pick an NLP Model of Excellence

One of the things I am often asked is how do I manage to train people to be so masterful with their hypnotic language. The truth is I have been practising various aspects of accelerated learning and altered states of consciousness for almost 35 years. I have been training people in a multitude of subjects for over 20 years. So I have developed some in depth skills around how to train people in these skills.

Notice How Your Model Uses the Skill You Want to Develop

I am known for using language patterns to train language patterns. I do this for several reasons that include:

  • Walking my Talk
  • Demonstrating the Power of the Patterns
  • Giving You a Sense of Familiarity with Them
  • Engaging Your Observational Powers and Your Critical Thinking
  • And very obviously if these skills work surely I should use them to teach them

In my years of training these patterns I noticed an interesting thing starting to happen. As my reputation grew and people started coming to see my talks and presentations specifically to see how I used hypnotic language their own skills grew. This was often very quick and without much preparation or learning.

Imagine Looking Through the Eyes of Your Model Using the Skills

As I started noticing the results that my audience were getting I realised several things. They came with the expectation of watching for my use of language patterns. That meant they were watching the presentation on at least five different levels. The first was the obvious content of the talk. The second was about spotting the patterns I was using. The third is critically looking at the order and sequence that I use and the impact that it has. The fifth is about looking at applications and how they would use the same patterns but in their personal context. And there are several more than that.

Imagine Using the Skill in Typical Contexts that You Find Yourself In

Consider what happens when you try to think through things on several different levels simultaneously. This is a quite specific and really useful altered state of consciousness. So long as you are engaged with the process you are taking things in both consciously and unconsciously.

Imagine what happens if you go through the material several times isolating each one of those level to look at through each pass. What you will rapidly discover is that you will still be taken things in on the other levels unconsciously. This works especially well if the audience are preframed to do it i.e. you explain multiple levels, what to look for and the implications of doing it in this manner.

When I add statements or ask questions that get you to consider how you will use the same tools and techniques you are then honing your skills down to the only place where it really matters…your own life and imagining how you are using them.

By the way have you considered rereading the previous sections just to check out the process that I am leading you through. I designed it to covertly teach three different persuasion processes and one sort of language pattern. Feel free to leave a comment below about the things that you have spotted in this article.

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Just sitting down, reading this article, imagining using all the tools, techniques and ideas will get you a surprisingly long way. But the only way to dramatically progress is to practice and use the material. This is where some people fall down. There are several things worth noting about practice.

  • The objective of practice is to practice there are no other outcomes.
  • You should only practice when the outcome is only to practice
  • If you are looking for any other outcome other than practice then you are not practicing.

The reason I am over stating this point is that I get many emails from people saying something like,

“I am just about to go into a meeting for a $10 million deal and if I don’t win it my company will stab me through the heart. What language patterns should I use?”

My answer is,

“None. Just focus on the conversation.”

When the stakes are high, you are tense and the outcome is important to you that is not a time to practice. My intention is to over practice when it doesn’t matter so that when you need the skills you use them automatically.

Here is a simple seven step process for completely integrating a new language pattern:

  1. Watch, read, understand how it works.
  2. Imagine situations where you could use it
  3. Develop the actual phrases you would use
  4. Say them out loud to yourself, if you have a study buddy get them to feed you lines
  5. Develop several “outs” if you are challenged by people in a conversation
  6. Go and have conversations with the specific intention to use your new pattern as many times as possible using one of your “outs” if challenged
  7. Start to notice how much the pattern then starts to appear in your normal conversation without you consciously driving it

Starting conversations with the deliberate intention of repeatedly using the pattern has several great practice outcomes. Firstly it obviously means you will use the pattern. But better than that, it means that you have to listen to the conversation for opportunities to use the pattern. And even better than that, it means that you have to shift the conversation around until you can fit the pattern in again and again. This means you will learn a huge amount about that pattern and how it fits into conversations.

I should explain what I mean by “outs”. I encourage people to have something ready to say if they are challenged in the middle of a conversation. It rarely happens but having some stock phrases tend to make people more conformable having pattern conversations. Here are some of the “outs” I have used:

Why are you speaking funny / odd / strange?

I’m not. You are just listening funny / odd / strange

Are you using hypnotic language patterns on me?

Only because you are using them on me

Are you trying to manipulate me?

That’s a really manipulative things to say. You quite clearly have an agenda, what do you want me to say in response?

Why can’t we ever have a normal conversation?

I consider you special and unique so I put my full attention on making every conversation we have memorable.

But if you are after a catch-for-all “out” pattern just admit that you are practising a specific communication technique and ask them how you are doing. They will start to tell you and then you can continue using the pattern.

Remember if you are doing this properly, there are no outcomes other than to practice. Most of these practice conversations dissolve into fits of hopeless giggles or the other person using the same patterns back on you or other forms of general lunacy and fun.

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed

If you like this approach to learning hypnotic persuasion skills then this course is one that you should have a look at. It is three hours of video content where I deliver a hypnotic language pattern course to a face to face audience. The content is really good and if you just watched the video you will get a lot of tools and techniques that you can use.

But what turns this from a good course into a great course is the pdf written report that comes with it. In it there is a full transcription so you can analysis the patterns that I am covertly using on the audience as well as the techniques that I am overtly showing them.

But what makes it even better than that is the fact that I have made notes throughout the transcript. You get the opportunity to see the course through my eyes. You will see my view on the patterns I used, why I chose them and what impact they had. And you will get my perspective on how you can use the same things in different contexts.

In short you get to see the material as a participant, through my eyes and from a neutral third person perspective. The feedback I am getting from people going through the course is that it is an extremely powerful and dramatic way to develop your hypnotic persuasion ability. Click through and find out more here:



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