NLP Techniques, Ideas and Applications

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One of the things I find limiting about much of the mainstream NLP Community is the lack of imagination and the tendency to limit NLP to confine NLP applications to just therapy. NLP is much more than that and this article is about how some people are breaking those boundaries.

NLP Techniques vs. Modelling

Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP defined it as an attitude and a methodology leading to a trail of techniques. Paraphrasing his explanation, the attitude was about curiosity, the methodology was about modelling and the results would be a trail of techniques. All the best people in NLP go way beyond the basics of NLP Techniques. Here are a couple of guys that I think have done a great job of where they have taken their experience and knowledge of NLP.

An NLP Model for Writing Books

In 2009 I accidently wrote the Persuasion Skills Black Book. It has gone on to be translated into several languages, had critical acclaim both within and outside the NLP community and has been an international best seller.

In the best traditions of NLP I have modelled the process of writing and marketing a bestselling book and have recently been coaching, mentoring and supporting people with writing their own books.

Below are a couple of authors that are students and friends of mine that have written fabulous books that I am honoured to have supported a little along the way. Both are indirectly connected to NLP in that the authors have modelled processes that are solutions to specific problems and both have gone some distance in terms of practical NLP.

Sales Presentations using NLP

Marcus Corah has written a book on applying NLP, Hypnosis and Emotional Persuasion Techniques to pitch presentations. This is something Marcus has a lot of skills and expertise in, having trained people to present their pitches in some very dramatic and high powered environments.

Marcus has also cleverly filled a hole in the market. There are a few books about using NLP in presentations. There are books about NLP and sales. But I suspect there are very few books that deal with using NLP to win business through sales presentations. Marcus has taken ideas and applied them directly to this niche making them easy to understand and therefore use.

What I like even more about this book is that Marcus has applied the trainer skills he would use with you in a normal face to face environment. For example at the end of each chapter he is summarising via bullet points and asking you to reflect and rate your improvement based on the new information. This is a classic NLP Trainer’s approach to embedding knowledge.

Find out more about Marcus Corah here.

Putting the Box Back into Creative Thinking

A few years ago I was coaching the CEO of a large national organisation and he came out with a distinct phrase that summarised a big problem that faces a lot of organisations. He said to me something like, “I like the idea of creativity but I just wish my people would just sometimes think in the box.”

He was highly frustrated with huge amounts of ideas that were just getting in the way of doing the core business. He just wanted to get people facing the same way and pulling in the same direction and they were all of chasing creative ideas.

Joseph Benn’s book is about profitable creativity in business. He deconstructs the process of creativity and applies it directly to business. I’ve read lots of material on creativity but I have not found many that actually explain the process of being creative let alone how to harness the idea for a specific application.

For many years Joe has worked with young entrepreneurs, getting them to hone their ideas, making them profitable and successful. This is a distillation of his years of experience, training and knowledge. The thing I like best about this book is that Joe backs up his idea and exercises with case studies and examples that make them easy to understand and apply.

Find out more about Joseph Benn’s approach to Creativity in Business here.

 Big Books of NLP Techniques

There are lots of dull, badly written books packed full of NLP techniques written by NLP therapists with poor writing skills and a spectacular lack of vision, creativity or understanding of NLP. Luckily there are some books that take the spirit and approach of NLP and use them for specific applications that don’t have to be about therapy.

You may not have the need for these two specific niches but both these books are worth looking at just for the way the authors take some core NLP ideas and run with them in new ways. If you are thinking of writing a book a good place for resources is my publisher’s website which has lots of ideas for every stage of the writing, publishing and marketing a book. Click through and find out more here.

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  1. Gaz

    Hello Rintu.I couldn’t agree with you more.I got into NLP precisely because I wanted to learn what you are teaching. Iam a film maker and an owner of a big advertising company andthe courses I’ve taken, seem to only focus on making me a better therapist!!!I needed someone that teaches how to apply NLP into sales, pitches, sittingwith agents, negotiating with distributors, sales reps, festival curators…And only in lesson 2 of your course, plus the book, I’ve found more -thanall my other courses…. I finally feel on the road of becoming an NLPNinja…And you can quote me on that!Cheers

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