What Can You Do with NLP Modelling Techniques?

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NLP is a flexible tool that you can apply to a lot of different contexts. As such it can sometimes be difficult to explain how you can use it to get the results that you want.

This page gives you access to recent articles on how some people have been using NLP to great effect.

I am running a Practitioner Course in October so the last few articles are about modelling, which is the heart of NLP and how some graduates have been doing some exceptional things with the skills that they learnt.

If you want to find out more about the NLP Course that I am running click through and read the FAQ right here:

And here is an index of a few articles about how you can use NLP Skills:

This article is how Martin took his good performing team and turn them into monster performers.



This article is about how one NLP Graduate compressed a five day complicated technical course into one day and taught it to a technophobe:

business concept:problem solution success


This article is about Tom, easily one of the best NLPers I know and what you can learn from him:



This article is about Stuart and how built his confidence to use covert trance inductions with a sceptical audience:



This article is about Sharon and how she used her newly acquired NLP skills to change jobs twice in one year and double her salary:


Here is an article about Tracy and how she used her NLP skills to step out and start a new career for herself:

business acrobat


And this article is about how John used ideas from his NLP Practitioner Course to get perfect customer service:

Stress and frustration


And here are some of the books that have been written by people that have attend my NLP courses:

Blane Savage


John McKinstry


Joseph Benn


And here are a few of others that I have helped in some small measure to get themselves published.

Bryan McCormack


Vinh Ly


Marcus Corah


I can’t promise that attending one of my courses will mean that you will double your salary like Sharon, meet adversity like Tom or build teams like Martin and write international best selling books like Vinh, Blane or John.

Individual circumstance and motivations are different and therefore so are the results. But what I can offer is the material for you to be able to model any of these guys and a whole lot more. That means you could find people that are creating the results you want and rapidly model the process of how to get there.

The course that will give you the best opportunity to do that is the new, updated and considerably more powerful version of the course the people above attended. Click through and find out more about it here:

Human Brain


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