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I offer a wide range of coaching programmes using NLP, Hypnosis, Psychological Tools and techniques I aim to support you getting the results you want by the shortest and fastest route possible. Obviously, I am not suitable for everyone and for every situation and in those cases I can often recommend coaches that would be more appropriate for your requirements so it always pays to make contact and discuss you requirements with me.

I have developed in-house coaching programmes for a broad range of national and international organisations. I have trained and developed hundreds of coaching and training professional and provide ad hoc supervision for a worldwide network of coaches and training professionals.

Your coaching requirements are unique therefore we will find a solution to match you rather than match you to a solution. This could be based on personality, experience, specialist skills or specific techniques. Whatever your goals, I can find you a coaching solution to help you achieve them or at least be able to point you towards someone that can help.

You can browse the range of coaching programs I provide below:

Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching

Using specific techniques developed over ten years worth of research and built from foundations laid down by some of the most prestigious leaders in the fields NLP and Hypnosis this is a fast track towards creating your ideal future.  It involves a one-off sessions, usually face to face, of around three or four hours and a follow-up telephone catch up to ensure everything is working.

This type of coaching specifically looks at breaking out of limiting beliefs and developing the emotional muscles to make big leaps forward. It is not suitable for all situations or clients. Find out more about Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching Sessions here.

Executive Coaching

Useful for people in senior positions with little time and are feeling the pressures of leadership. Most effective when addressing a specific professional development issue or taking on a particularly challenging role or project. These are generally based on a slightly longer set up sessions and then shorter interventions to keep the momentum and deal with any unforeseen challenges. The number of sessions is at least three but can be longer. The time between sessions is dependent on the nature of the project.

Sales Coaching

For any level of sales professional from outbound call centre agents through to Sales Director, performance can be increased through effective coaching. The best sales professionals will know the benefit of a highly skilled sales coach, but consider the additional benefits of a coach that has unique knowledge of hypnotic persuasion patterns. Coaching can be one off specific issues, bedding in new tools and techniques or ongoing performance coaching.

Business Management / Development

I have considerable experience in growing new and developing managers and leaders in a variety of different businesses. Having coaching support can often make the difference in creating spectacular results particularly when applying results focused NLP applications. This type of coaching is similar to executive coaching in that it is generally most effective when focused on a specific challenge or project. Ongoing coaching for situations like a new role or a promotion are also appropriate.

Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Relationships
  • Persuasion Skills

Getting the right message across to individuals, groups or the public is not always straightforward. NLP and hypnosis skills can be employed to deliver information, build networks or in influencing situations. Having a coach that has been trained in advanced communications techniques makes a real difference to how you present yourself. This is not coaching in the pure sense of the word but part training part coaching to ensure that you can integrate new skills quickly to get results.

As the author of the critically acclaimed Persuasion Skills Black Book I have trained and coached people in developing hypnotic persuasion techniques for many different applications from policing, to management, from training and teaching to parenting and sales to storytelling.

Career Development

If you are looking for your next role or are unsure of what that role is I am experienced in facilitating you to any result from CV writing and interview skills to resetting your career direction. The things that holds people back from the career they deserve are emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Once we can deal with those it becomes infinitely easier to develop a Job Hunting strategy that puts your career on the path you want.

Author Coaching

Writing a book is a great way to develop your personal brand and it is easier than many people think. But what most people fail to realise is that writing the book is the easy bit. Getting the book read by the right people is what sets apart good authors from great authors. And the magic in getting that to happen is thinking about the market before the first word is even written. Having successfully helped several authors to write their book and get published I can assist you to become a published author.

Hypnotic Coaching

One view of coaching is to aid clients with transitions in their personal life, and in the process of self-actualisation. Coaching draws from a number of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, career counselling, and numerous other types of disciplines. Add in specialist mind management processes and hypnotic principles and you could be making major lifestyle changes today. This might include changes such as:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Phobia Treatments

Using hypnotic principles within a coaching framework means you can accelerate your changes and achieve better, faster results.

Learning New Skills

In all areas of study I have leading edge, specific and practical strategies that will seriously increase your pace of learning, retention and application. Whether on a specific programme of study or wanting to pick up new skills I can support you in areas including:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Creative writing
  • Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
  • Study Skills and Exam Techniques
  • Increasing reading and retention speed

NLP and Hypnotic applications will increase your speed of learning dramatically. Whatever your individual requirements I am here to support and help. Contact me and we can set up a no obligation consultation to see what coaching program you are suitable for.


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