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Unlock Your True Potential Using Powerful NLP Strategies To Create Huge Results, Fast.

We use leading edge psychological techniques such as Accelerated Learning, NLP and Hypnosis in all of our courses to deliver you the best results in the quickest amount of time. The courses are intensive, highly interactive and application based.

Maintaining a high assistant / delegate ratio and deliberately restricting the numbers means we ensure individual needs are catered for. Our assistants are highly trained and skilled NLP practitioners in their own right and are geared to assisting you to get the most from the course.

We don’t want you just getting results in the training room…back in your real world environment is the only place that results count…so we aim to develop your skills to the point were you are just confidently getting results in every area of your life.

(You don’t have to be an NLP practitioner to attend all of these courses, but it does have significant advantages for you if you do.)

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Accelerated Success NLP Practitioner Training Course

The programme that teaches you the master keys to accelerating your personal and professional success including NLP Practitioner Certification.

Get the inside track on how to:

  • Harness the power of your emotional, logical and creative states
  • Dramatically decrease the time and effort in learning new knowledge and skills
  • Use hypnotic persuasion skills to lead, motivate and inspire people

How much more will you achieve when these resources are available to you?

Find out more. See our Accelerated Success NLP Practitioner Training Course page.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Course  for Trainers and Coaches

A course about using fully integrating your NLP skills in to training and coaching environments

Why should I go on this course?

Finally after a lot of hounding from practitioners I have designed a Master Prac Course that I am happy with. The distinction that lifts this from just being a good course to being the best in the field is that it is restricted to trainers, coaches and presenters only.

In fact the precondition is that you work in these fields and have some experience already. This means I can build in substantial amounts of both NLP trainer’s training and also a lot of things I have picked up and developed in my 15 years of training / coaching experience.

As a trainer or coach I will take you through how to model a book and turn it into a coaching or training programme in almost no more time that it took you to read it (less than half a day for even the thickest text books…for those not done my recent prac course I will show you how to do that as well).

As a trainer, you will get at least two courses that you can go out and deliver directly from the course…all you need do is write up the materials with your branding.

As a coach, at least two niche coaching programmes that you can sell immediately from the course.

For both, at least 197 linguistic patterns ready to use in your context and role as well as the process for generating and using patterns without thinking. You will receive several programmes that you can use either internally or sell as consultancy with little or no development work. You will also get ideas for at least another 10 that need some development work.

On top of all this you will get to use all your NLP techniques plus all the really powerful ones linguistically and covertly. You will be able to spontaneously generate new patterns and techniques.

But if you want to really know about the content have a look at our NLP Master Practitioner Training Course page.

Hypnotic Influence and Persuasion Skills Training Course

A three-day course about using hypnotic principles to draw people to your cause.

Why should I go on this course?

Have you noticed that some people just get whatever they want? They always win arguments, get noticed by the right people and win the best deals.

If you would like to be able to:

  • Build instant connections with anyone
  • Get behind how people are thinking on a moment by moment basis
  • Change people’s emotions with just a few words
  • Speak directly to the unconscious mind and change the direction of their thoughts

Find out more detailed information on our Hypnotic Influence and Persuasion Skills Training Course page.

NLP Presentation Skills Training Course

A four-day course about using hypnotic principles in presentations.

How would I benefit from this course?

  • Dramatically cut down your design and preparation time
  • Create memorable presentations gaining influence and credibility
  • Present with confidence under any circumstance
  • Speak unrehearsed to large groups knowing they will all understand and enjoy your presentation
  • Gain a level of group rapport that will draw small teams together and make all members of a large group feel included
  • Develop presentations that are dynamic, entertaining and powerful whilst still being uniquely your own style, and most importantly, impart the information in a clearly understood manner

Find out more detailed information on our NLP Presentation Skills Training Course page.

Hypnotic Accelerated Learning Course

A two-day course about using hypnotic principles dramatically increase your learning speed.

Why should I go on this course?

If you, feel you could benefit from being able to:

  • Read faster
  • Be more creative
  • Improve your memory
  • Take in and understand more
  • Learn to model people with skills that you want.
  • Dramatically increase the integration of new skills

Find out more detailed information on our Hypnotic Accelerated Learning Course page.

Self Hypnosis for Personal Development Training Course

A two-day course about turning the life you lead into the life you want.

Why should I go on this course?

  • Do you feel frustrated you are not achieving your goals?
  • Are you dismayed at not accomplishing what you want in life?
  • Do the same New Year’s Resolutions come up again year after year?
  • Are you tired of not having financial abundance, better health and appearance, a clearer sense of purpose?
  • Do you feel your life is running you and not the other way around?

Then this is the course for you! Find out more detailed information on our Self Hypnosis for Personal Development Training Course page.

Advanced Study Skills Training Course

A one-day course that will double your reading, comprehension and learning ability.

Why should I go on this course?

  • Panic at the thought of exams
  • Are struggling with studying
  • Have difficulty keeping your focus and motivation
  • Want to get more from your learning but don’t know how
  • Would like to double your reading speed, double your retention and double your comprehension

This is a course that will show you how study with little effort and apply new knowledge quickly and easily.

Find out more detailed information on our Advanced Study Skills Training Course page.

A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns Training Course

The three day course for all those NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners that want to get the most from their language skills.

Why should I go on this course?

  • Covertly installing and / or destroying beliefs, ideas and thinking processes. Not only controlling a person’s thoughts but how they are thinking them as well.
  • How to lock a person’s heart, body and soul into your product, service…or just into you. At the extreme, how to create cults and stalkers.
  • A future pace that is so powerful that the person will not be able to stop thinking about whatever you have put into their head.
  • A conversation management process that means you are more persuasive without having to think about it.

There is a lot more detail about specifically what you will get on the Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns Training Course Page. You will also find some stuff about your applications, based on the course material if you can’t already imagine a 1001 uses for dangerously hypnotic and persuasive language.


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