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Master the Keys to Covert Hypnosis, NLP Language Patterns and Psychological Persuasion That Even NLP Masters Are Scrabbling To Learn

All it takes is ten minutes a day in the comfort of your own home to unlock your potential and get what you want out of life

If you could get people to do what you want when you want and then thank you for the privilege what would you do with this power?

From the Desk of:

Rintu Basu,


The NLP Company

Tuesday 7:15 am

Simply, you are here, reading this webpage because you want to be more persuasive whilst I want to show you the most powerful persuasion skills course imaginable with the expectation that you recognise the value and then subscribe.

Before we start please take a moment to think about the advantages that Advanced Persuasion Skills will give you:

The charisma, personality and confidence to gain many lasting friends

The opportunity to motivate, inspire and lead people to do your bidding

The sales skills to make money, boost your income and gain financial freedom

The ability to attract dream dates and even a perfect life long partner

The skills to defend yourself against liars, cheats and manipulators

But let us get even more specific about this for a moment, you might want the ability to make your:

  1. Boss think it is a good idea to give you a pay rise
  2. Children decide to go to bed on time
  3. Partner consider going on holiday where you want for a change
  4. Co-workers to offer to take some of your workload when you are busy
  5. Sales prospects realise they are getting a great deal easily
  6. Employees motivated enough to do more than just an adequate job
  7. Friends a little happier when they are going through a rough patch
  8. Dream date notice you

I bring this up because if you want even one of these things then this is the most important letter you have ever read.

And here is why…

Over the last twelve years I have researched, developed and tested the almost all the persuasion techniques you can find. Through painful trial and error, costly time and effort I have put together the most powerful covert persuasion skills course ever devised.

Until recently I have only given this to a few graduates from my face to face courses. But now I have decided to share these with you to help you achieve all the things above and much more…

For example: I am going to give you a simple but powerful NLP Language Patternfor free, that they don’t even teach until you have paid thousands of pounds for an NLP Master Practitioner Course and even then they wrap it in jargon and gobbledegook so it become almost unusable.Here is your first NLP Language Pattern lesson free of charge or obligation just to prove to you that these things are quick and easy to learn whilst being extremely powerful.FREE NLP LANGUAGE PATTERN LESSON 1


I went on a NLP Practitioner Course because I had heard about the power of hypnotic language patterns, covert influencing skills and how you could “bend people to your will”. And I wanted all these things. I guess you are here, reading this page because you want something similar?

I wanted these things because of my experience and upbringing. I came from a strict, overprotective background and had expectation placed on me. I never quite had the will to push back or challenge. From a young age I felt as if I was being controlled by those around me, my family, school and later in life by the boss, the authorities and my sense of obligation.

As a teen I was not quite bright enough to be recognised by the teachers. I was not quite sporty enough to get picked for the team or popular enough to be noticed by my peers or attractive enough to not worry about getting dates. I never quite had the skills to rise above my own mediocrity.

As I got older it got worse. Just good enough to get a job that had no satisfaction, watching people with fewer skills get promoted above me and a fear of failure that kept me in my place. My self confidence was at an all time low.

At some point I picked up a self help NLP book that talked about, amongst other things all these brilliant hypnotic language and persuasion skills and I was hooked. I scrimped and saved to get on a practitioner course so I could learn these skills.

The course was great and I got a lot from it, but sadly the persuasion skills and linguistic power just didn’t quite work. I could see the potential but couldn’t apply what was taught. I have since found out that many NLP Practitioners feel the same. Here are the sort of things many say about NLP Language Patterns and Persuasion Skills:

  • The content is too theoretical; I don’t know how to apply it
  • Everyone is selling the same material isn’t there anything new?
  • How do I practice without being caught out?
  • Loads of tools but how do you fit them together cohesively?
  • It seems great but is too complex for me to use
  • Great ideas but they wouldn’t work for me / my situation 
  • I am overwhelmed with how much I need to learn 
  • I have every intention of having a go but when I get the chance I forget or don’t have the confidence to try it

The biggest thing I got from my practitioner course was that I was in control of my destiny. “So if you want the skills then find the right trainer and get him to teach you,” I said to myself.

Obsessed With Learning Persuasion Skills

I read every book, watched videos, listened to CDs as well as travelled to study with every persuasion master I could find. And not just within NLP. I looked at Hypnosis, Psychology and practiced in every environment I could find. I learnt interview skills, I studied sales, I study body language and even police techniques to spot liars. Slowly my persuasion ability grew as I learnt key secrets from the best. I got myself a job as a trainer delivering lessons in the subject so I could study at more depth.

I studied training techniques and accelerated learning. I moved to coaching and developing trainers and taught them how to deliver these skills so I could learn these skills at an even deeper level.

Finally I started my own business. For over six years I have been delivering NLP Persuasion Skills Course, am known world wide and eventually I developed a programme that strips out the jargon, the complexity and difficulties in learning powerful hypnotic persuasion skills.

If you want proof of how simple it can be to learn have a look at this NLP Language Pattern. It is called an agreement frame and is designed to bypass conscious resistance.When combined into a super pattern with the first pattern I showed you it becomes incrediblly powerful.This pattern they do show you on the practitioner course, but remember you don’t get the other pattern until your Master Practitioner course. This means you might never make the connection and generate this powerful super pattern.You, on the other hand learnt it all from two of my simple lessons and have it all for free.FREE NLP LANGUAGE PATTERN LESSON 2

I am now blessed with the opportunity and skills to do what I want. I am not tied to a specific job or to people that want to try and dominate or manipulate me. I have my freedom of choice and have the skills to get people to do what I want (within the bounds of ethics and win / win situations…I am one of the good guys after all 😉

I decided some time ago that my mission in life is to bring these skills out and share them with people that can make use of them. I don’t want you to have to go through the blood, sweat and tears I went through to get these skills. I have some great opportunities, experiences and results because of these skills but the biggest kick I get is seeing others take my teachings and fly with them.

Demonstrating Powerful Persuasion Patterns

The course has only been available since Ocotber 2008 and here you can read what people are already saying about A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns.

Here is how others are getting results from the lessons in Advanced Persuasion Patterns:

Advanced Sales Persuasion Patterns

Advanced Persuasion Patterns for Presentations

Dating, Fear of Rejection and Practicing Persuasion Skills

Managing your boss with Advanced Persuasion Skills

Important Life Skills

In this current age if you don’t have good persuasion skills then I would say you are missing out on some if not every area of your life whether it is love, relationships, career, wealth and even health. If you are not using persuasion skills effectively the it is difficult to get much done.

Protecting Yourself from Liars, Cheats and Manipulators

Even worse if you are not aware of these techniques in operation then it is easy to get caught out, scammed and manipulated. I have worked with many companies developing their persuasion strategies. I only work with companies and individuals I deem ethical but many of these skills are easily found and learnt.

The media, advertising and sales are using these tactics as well as many scam artists and conmen. If you don’t have a through understanding of how hypnotic persuasion works then you are leaving yourself open to dangerous possibilities.

But taking just ten minutes a day to develop your Covert Persuasion and NLP Language Skills will quickly give you a huge boost to your life. Here is a quick exercise to demonstrate the impact of persuasion skills.


Free Persuasion Skills Exercise No 1

How Important is Persuasion Skills in Your Life?


Just take an area of your life you would like to improve. Spend a few moments thinking about how you would like it to be, what you would get from it and how other people can help or support you getting this result.

Now imagine having the persuasion skills to be able to get that help and support.

Then imagine other areas of your life, perhaps achieving things like gaining a huge promotion, doubling the size of your business, finding your ideal partner or going on your dream holiday and imagine the multitude of people in the world ready, willing and waiting to help you achieve your ambitions.

Whatever you want to achieve learning leading edge persuasion tools is a massive boost in the right direction.

If these things were even remotely possible you might have to focus on the rest of this letter and give it serious consideration. If you have any doubts then you might have to check out my Better Than 100% Risk Free Guarantee below.

One Final Question

Finally before I introduce you to the product I have one final question for you.

What do you need to see or do to be satisfied that these persuasion skills are a vital aid for your success in life?

You have already seen the types of areas where it can help, the results other people are already getting and examples of how easy it is to learn. Unless I have got it wrong and you already have enough information, my guess is that all you need now is to check that the content , the price and the guarantee are right for you.


A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns

A downloadable internet based course that takes leading edge NLP, Hypnosis and Psychological Persuasion Skills and strips the jargon, theory and complexity away giving you weekly bite size chunks that you can directly apply to every aspect of your life.

Here are a few of the things you will be able to do by the end of the course:

  • Bypass conscious resistance to win arguments before they have even begun
  • Bind values to your needs so you can motivate people to do what you want
  • Install confidence anchors to give yourself and others the freedom to do what you want
  • Create charisma patterns to get yourself notice with the people that matter
  • Use rapport binds to grow your professional networks, circle of friends and social life
  • Satisfy needs at a deep emotional level to develop stronger more meaningful relationships
  • Elicit powerful emotions and use them to make any date a perfect experience
  • Create strategies to redirect thinking so people will focus on exactly what you want to tell them
  • Use belief change patterns to get people to believe in themselves, you, your product or anything else you want them to believe in
  • Make up TimeLine Language patterns to destroy limiting beliefs, negative emotions and past decisions to increase your self esteem, get more done and have more fun
  • Negotiate using special awareness patterns to move beyond objections and get people to realise the benefits of your ideas
  • Create training formulas to install good habits, repeat patterns of behaviour and better results with training groups, coaching clients and your children
  • Manage people using personality profiles so they are more satisfied, better motivated and creating more results for less time and effort from you
  • Sell to people using NLP Language to blow out objections, attach positive emotions to your product and destroy any opportunity for buyer’s remorse

What makes this course unique?

You are still reading this because you have seen some of the extracts from my course, so you already know my material is strong and that there is nothing comparable on the internet. Here are some of the reasons why it is that powerful:

Processes that work in your world

I have a science and engineering background. This means I have a grounded pragmatic approach and you will get strategies, processes and techniques that work in real live environments.

Persuasion for any environment

I have spent years training people to be persuasive in highly volatile, aggressive, real time situations where there are no obvious win / win solutions. Whatever context, environment or situation you find yourself in my strategies will help you get what you want.

Fast, effective training

I have extensive training qualifications and experience that covers many different industries, levels and subjects. I have personally trained and developed hundreds of high level coaches and trainers. What this means to you is that this material is designed specifically so you can get the tools fast, effectively and at a level where you will be generating immediate results.

Unique content, guaranteed to work

My background also makes me a creator, developer and tester. The material you will get is not restricted to any one discipline or subject area.  I take what is useful from many different fields blend, develop and create processes that work. You will get material on this course that you cannot find anywhere else and is personally guaranteed to work because I and my testing team have already tried it in multiple situations.

New Material, Better Results

After a few years of cynical over use the word ‘free’ has gone from being one of the most powerful marketing words to being just a word. The same happens with all persuasion techniques, that is why you need to get on board with this material while it is still fresh, powerful and little used.

Is your material really that different?

Despite having read and learnt much about persuasion skills John emailed me about some challenges he was having. He was finding in situations where he could use certain persuasion patterns he didn’t through fear of rejection, failure and being found out. I sent him a cut down rough version of some of the concepts covered in detail on the course. This was his response:

That was awesome, Rintu…really awesome of you to provide that for me…you have given me much to go on…a strategy…I love the approach to going out and doing small chunks…just talking to random strangers, then building upon that to next get an emotion or blend in something random…and getting as much rejection as I can. You made it easy, understandable and clear…and that’s the way learning should be. That’s why I love your stuff.
Thanks so much-

Here is what you will learn on The Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns

If this list of skills seems impossibly long and far too difficult to assimilate remember you will be lead through this in bite sized chunks over 24 weeks.

Reading People

Properly reading body language down to unconscious movements such as pupil dilation and lower lip size and being able to tailor your conversations based on this information.

Being able to elicit a personality profile conversationally and in under ten minutes giving you a deep understanding of their thinking processes, values and core motivations as well as how they perceive their reality.

On this course I will show you how to do this with an individual, a group and with organisations.
How might you use this?

  • A sales person – More sales through understanding your prospect’s hidden needs
  • Dating – Being more attractive by understanding your date’s unconscious desires
  • Interviewers – Pick up on hidden agendas, half truths and omissions as your candidate speaks
  • Relationships – Uncover the hot buttons that would ensure a long lasting personal commitment, personal or professional
  • Coaches – Deal with your client’s emotional blocks and motivations long before they knew of them
  • Trainers and Public Speakers – Restructure your presentations in the moment by accurately gauging audience response

Working on Yourself

Turn your persuasion power on yourself to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Imagine the possibilities of having someone using their persuasion engineering skills to get the best from you 24/7. This is what you will get when you understand how to practice language patterns effectively.

Using all the skills you will learn on this programme on yourself you could design yourself a new confident persuasive personality, deleting limiting beliefs, installing empowering ones. Build your self esteem, focus and personal power.

Learn to listen to conversations on multiple levels as well as respond with flexibility and quickness of thought. By taking away a fear of failure and replacing it with an attitude of curiosity and playful experimentation you could dramatically increase your success rate.
How could you use this?

By using my strategies for developing persuasive self talk you will rapidly integrate your learning and the results you create.

Beyond Rapport

On this programme you will learn to create responsiveness in your subjects through body language, tone of voice and language. This is not just matching, mirroring and being liked. It is about having authority when you need it, being noticed when you walk into a room, taking covert control of an individual or group, having charisma when you need to be out in front, being overlooked when you don’t want to volunteer and leading people to emotional states when you need them to feel the emotion.
How will you use this?

  • Formal interviews – such as a sales pitch, recruitment, appraisal take covert control and move the meeting to your results
  • Dating – Make them feel excited whenever they see you ensuring more dates
  • Professional Relationships, initial meetings – Get them to see you as an authority and follow your recommendations
  • Groups – Develop a charismatic leadership style that moves people to action

Unconscious Programming

Your unconscious mind is the store house for all of your memories, emotions, habitual responses and automatic processes. This course will show you how to tinker with all that so you can change beliefs, reframe your emotions about events as well as deleting and installing habits. This in itself is powerful, but imagine what happens when you realise how you can do that with others.
How will you use this?

Outside of all the things mentioned above in working on yourself, here are a few ideas:

  • Relationships personal and professional – condition people to feel good whenever they think of you
  • Sales – Reframe any objections about your product, your competitors or you in the mind of your customer
  • Trainers – Install empowering beliefs about learning in to your delegates
  • Parents – Create powerful and useful habits with your children that will stay for life
  • Coaches / Therapists / Counsellors – Set the initial meeting conditions to delete any negative baggage your client may have about using your services
  • Customer Care – Take away the negative emotions from angry customers so you can communicate clearly

Hypnotic Language

Here are some of the patterns you will learn on this course and how you might use them:

Belief change patterns – restructure how a person perceives their current reality for example changing their views on: sales people, dating particular types of men / women, their learning ability, how much money they have to spend, the meaning of failure, how good they would feel to conform to your request
Spatial awareness patterns – moving aside objections and displaying the joy of achievement. For example coaching clients needing to change or kids doing homework might be putting up objections about the time and effort involved. What if you could linguistically move them past the effort and sit them in a huge amount of positive feelings about getting the result?
Time bind patterns – getting people to believe they have always thought in a particular way and will always think that way in the future. For example taking a training group, making them feel good about their learning skills and then moving this through time so they feel like they have always been and always will be good learners.
Embedded Commands – you can covertly embed commands in your language and whilst this is an easy concept to grasp it is not perceived as easy to do. I will show you a formula to create commands that is so simple that less than couple of hours practice will make you instinctively create embedded commands without conscious thought.


Whilst this is really part of hypnotic language I have seperated metaphors out because they are a great way of building anticipation; sending people into trance, and using all of your persuasion tools in a very covert manner.

I will show you how you can pace, lead and change your client’s entire view on life through various types of metaphor. You can use metaphors to hide all the patterns we have discussed and we are all socially conditioned to respond to them. This is one of the most powerful tools in any persuasion engineer’s tool kit.
But even better I will show you a process where you can generate metaphors packed with covert suggestions from anything and in moments. Let me give you a personal example.

A friend of mine a few years ago was stuck in a job he didn’t like and didn’t have the confidence to look for the promotion he clearly deserved. We were sat having a beer when he started telling me about it and I saw an opportunity to help.

I knew he would not take my advice directly and I would have to approach the issue obliquely. Unfortunately the only thing I could think of was the fact I has a bit of an upset stomach that morning and spent a fair bit of time on the toilet.

That was the metaphor I used and through the process I will share with you on the programme built all my persuasion skills into it. The next day my friend applied for the promotion.

Let me just make the benefits clear… Normally I wouldn’t make things this obvious but consider how I have used this real life metaphor to help you understand the power of metaphor. It works on different levels.

You could randomly start telling people things that you have done that day (doesn’t have to be about toilets, it could be doing the washing up, having a shower, driving to work…etc) and use that to covertly move them in the direction you want.

Advanced Persuasion Strategies

This is where the real power of the programme is. All of the points above are great tools that on their own will give you good results. But having screwdriver doesn’t mean you can put up a shelf.

In this section I will show you how to put together all this separate skills into a cohesive plan. You will get strategies for specific situations including:


Dating / Relationships





We will look at strategies on how to:

Precondition people to respond the way you want in any of your normal contexts.

Develop new persuasion patterns of your own and uniquely suited to your style and situation

Set persuasion, learning and results driven goals even in the middle of a conversation and in a way that moves you towards success.

Practice all the techniques to perfection in less than minutes per day

In short, on this programme I will give you the screwdriver, show you how to put up the shelves and give you everything you need to design your own wardrobes.

How is this programme delivered?

By now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of content covered on the course and wondering how you will assimilate it all. The programme is built into weekly bite sized chunks and is designed to be taken at a pace controlled by you.


Short, easy to digest weekly format with real examples, relevant situations and practical solutions – Learn what you need to improve your life, business, and relationships


Includes actions and exercises to complete that build your skills – Notice yourself improving your skills every day, increasing your motivation and results


Builds from “quick wins” and  solid foundations to advanced skills in a graduated way – Get Results from Day One


Forces you to succeed long term. Throughout the programme you will have all the techniques demonstrated, applied directly to you within the lesson and finally you will get exercises that help you use the tools in the real world


Helps you make real progress. You will be setting objectives for results that are above and beyond just learning these skills.

Every week you will be given written, audio or video downloads depending on the most appropriate method for delivering the lesson for the week.

For example, when discussing written persuasion it makes more sense for this to be a written lesson. When we discuss embedded commands the lesson will be part audio and part written because you will want to understand how to use this technique in each form.

What Do I Have to do to Gain These skills?

The issue is not one of cost, but of what you are willing to invest in learning the most powerful persuasion techniques available.

I would normally list the benefits from the course and how much they might be worth but only you actually know the worth of this programme, so take a moment to stop; and think about these three questions:

  1. What will you do with Advanced Persuasion Skills?
  2. What is this worth to you?
  3. What are you prepared to commit to gaining these skills?

Whatever figures you have come up with, I am only going to ask you for ten minutes and £1.07 a day. One less cup of coffee a day will give you all the time and money you need to enhance your persuasion skills.

I have specifically designed this programme to be affordable for everyone in terms of time and money. The only issue is that I can take a maximum of 500 at any one time.

If you are serious about enhancing your persuasion skills then you can afford ten minutes and one pound seven pence a day. All you need to do is enrol right now while there is space on the programme.

Better Than 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Sign up today and you will automatically be sent the first lesson to try out for a full seven days before any payment is taken.

If after looking through the first lesson you have decided the course is not for you simply cancel before the seven days are up and you will have paid nothing and you can still keep the first lesson.

I will give you a full 90 days from the first payment to decide that this course is for you. By that time you will be over 12 weeks in and seeing amazing results from your new skills. If this is not the case simply apply to me for a no questions asked refund.


Download the first lesson today for a

Risk Free 90 Day Trial Invitation

If in that time you don’t recognise how easy it is to get the persuasion skills you want you can have your money back no questions asked.

Follow my system and in the first 90 days you will have seen huge benefits from your newly enhanced persuasion skills

Even after the 12 weeks you can unsubscribe at any time and keep all the lessons up to that point.

You can’t say fairer than that…at every stage you have a risk free opportunity to examine the material and learn skills that are more advanced than practitioner courses that are worth thousands of pounds.


Standard Price for the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme is £49 per month

you can have the whole package for £29.97 / month but

The course is currently over subscribed.

If you want advanced notification when places become available enter your name and email address in the form below.


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As soon as you sign up you will gain access to six months of weekly bite sized chunks of the most powerful persusaion skills course available on the internet. The sooner you start the sooner you can gain the skills. Do you really want to hold back your life by waiting?

Consider the fact that a mere £1.07 a day risk free is a small price to pay to get these skills. All you need do is click here to request your risk-free trial invitation. Very soon you will be starting the lessons that are very quickly going to show you how to be a Master Persuader, but remember this offer closes as soon as the last space is filled.



The NLP Company

PS Remember you are losing out in every area of your life if you don’t gain these skills and some unethical people may be using them against you.

PPS The quicker we start the quicker you can start achieving those life long ambitions

PPPS The time and price of a cup of coffe a day is all the commitment you need to become completely conversant with NLP, Hypnotic and Psychological Persuasion Skills. Sign up now because the offer closes when the last space is filled.

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