Accelerated Learning and Hypnotic Language

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This article is about a guy that has caught me out repeatedly embedding commands in my writing. You already know that I use patterns throughout my writing as a demonstration so it may not be that much of a surprise. That said this little tip may well accelerate your learning of any skill dramatically.

Accelerated Learning and NLP Techniques

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I am running an NLP Practitioner Course in September and have been asked what makes this course so special. In this article we will look at some of the Accelerated Learning Techniques I have developed specifically for this course.

NLP, Accelerated Learning and Coaching

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This article is to introduce a video that demonstrates an accelerated learning model can help you dramatically improve your skills in any area of your life. I have seen people use this model to increase their results hundreds of times over in sales, management, parenting, and dating.

Hypnotic Accelerated Learning Course

“Hypnotic & Accelerated Learning Course, Dramatically Increase Your Learning and Study Capacity” Unlock the power of unconscious learning A two-day course about using hypnotic principles dramatically increase your learning speed. Why should I go on this course? If you, feel you could benefit from being able to: Read faster Be more creative Improve your memory Take in and understand more … Read More