Practical Rapport Building for Interviews

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You will find lots written about rapport all over the internet. As such the main body of this report is all about how to really create great rapport quickly and easily. We will talk about how many NLP Practitioners get it wrong, the key ingredients to get it right. This is an extract from The Persuasion Skills Black Book which … Read More

Confidence Building Presentatons Skills Training Course

“NLP Presentation Skills, Unleash the Power of NLP and Hypnosis for Groups” Using covert methods for creating lasting results for groups A four-day course about using hypnotic principles in presentations. Why Should I Go On This Course? How would you feel if you were asked to fill in for a daylong presentation in front of hundreds of people at a … Read More

The Myth of NLP Rapport

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In yesterday’s post we looked at a couple of things that would stop you developing good rapport skills.  Today we will look at a way of developing rapport that is calculated to give you minimum results for a huge amount of effort but is still taught as commonplace amongst the NLP community.