NLP Covert Persuasion Training, Lesson 8, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How to start putting it all together using scripts…” Lesson 8 Covert Hypnotic Influencing Scripts to Accelerate Your Progress… This week we are going to focus on putting all of these patterns together in to a few paragraphs and scripts so that next week we can turn them into conversations. The idea being that I am going to train you … Read More

Hypnotic and NLP Influencing Skills Lesson 7, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How excited would you get if you learned how to use questions to lead people the way you want them to go?…” The Secret to Hypnotic Persuasion…ask them to think the way you want them to think… We have a lot to cover so let’s just leap boldly straight into the lesson for this week. We are going to cover … Read More

Covert NLP Language Skills Lesson 5, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Pacing and Leading, a Doorway to Unconscious Persuasion…” Implanting hypnotic assumptions in to the heads of others through pace and lead statements. Sitting at your computer, reading these word means you are ready for this lesson that is all about pacing and leading and is an extract from Persuasion Skills Black Book. The Persuasion Skills Black Book can be downloaded … Read More

NLP Covert Persuasion Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“I invite you to notice the power of awareness patterns…” Lesson 4 one of the little known and most powerful Covert NLP Patterns you can learn… This week we will have a look at awareness patterns and how powerful they can be. These patterns are some of the simplest and easy to use, but once you understand how to use … Read More

NLP Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Finally, the answer to demonstrating a return of investment on your training courses.” The master keys that every great trainer and public speaker needs to know. How to integrate the most powerful accelerated and hypnotic learning techniques into any presentation delivery you can imagine. Just imagine being able to Design presentations that have twice the impact in half the time … Read More

NLP Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“The master keys to reading and learning that academics don’t want you to know…” How to triple your reading speed, double your comprehension and increase your understanding by 50% or more Just imagine being able to look through a book once and be able to recall everything. What would that do for you? No exam stress More play and less … Read More

NLP Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“At last, NLP and Hypnosis tools to double your sales in one simple programme.” The secrets that every great sales professional needs to know. How to integrate the most powerful psychological, hypnotic and NLP techniques into any sales presentation to double your sales… or more Just imagine being able to: Tap into the unconscious desires of your prospects Fire off … Read More

NLP Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How You Can Achieve More In The Next 12 Months Than You Have In The Past 12 Years…” Unlock Your True Potential Using Powerful Hypnotic and NLP Strategies To Create Huge Results, Fast. Why Train with The NLP Company? This is really two questions in one. The first is why train in NLP and the second is why  go on … Read More

Understanding of Music Seminar, Guitar Lessons Piano Lessons Glasgow & Edinburgh

“Finally! the Master Key to Being Able to Play ANY Musical Instrument in Less than 10 Minutes a Day!..” Unlock Your True Musical Potential Using Duncan Lorien’s Proven Strategies to Learn any Musical Instrument Fast… Could you see yourself amazing crowds with blistering guitar solos? Wowing friends and family with your amazing new piano skills? You may be thinking to … Read More

NLP Training Courses in Glasgow Scotland, UK

“Congratulations, in less than an hour you will have learnt how to direct any conversation to where you want it to go quickly, easily and covertly…” Unlock the Potential of Powerful Hypnotic and NLP Persuasion Techniques To Create Huge Results, Fast. From the Desk of: Rintu Basu, Director The NLP Company Thursday 11:23 am Welcome, in a few moments you … Read More