What Makes a Good Persuader?

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This is a little departure from my normal articles. Have a watch of this guy selling and see if you can spot what makes him good at what he does.

A Persuasion Technique Game Changer

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I am often contacted by people that chase techniques and tools. They seem to know and have tried everything but nothing seems to work for them. I also talk to people that also seem to know everything but have never tried any of it in the real world. In both cases the nature of the issue is the same and … Read More

Turning Shop Assistants into Mind Controlled Zombies

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Over the last few of articles you have seen how I accidentally tranced a poor sales assistant through the floor. This article is about how I seized that opportunity and turned her into a virtual robot that is just responding to my commands and how you can use the same principles to seize control of any conversation.

Hypnotic Transformations Live Webinar

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On Wednesday at 8 pm GMT my co-presenters at Hypnotic Transformations Live are presenting a live webinar about Hypnosis, Persuasion and Influence. You can attend for free and I have an extra bonus for you if you sign up.