Applying NLP Persuasion Techniques to Article Writing

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I have recently been asked by one of my advanced students to explain my article writing strategy. This was particularly in reference to an article and email that was packed with a huge amount of persuasion tactics as demonstration, teaching aid and to motivate the reader. This article will give you my personal step by step process.

Persuasion Skills Builder Exercises

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I was recently sent an email from John that had a brilliant exercise for building your CV / Resume. But is also contains a sneak little secret that everyone involved with persuasion skills needs to understand. Take on board this little idea and you will be infinitely more persuasive in any context.

With Persuasion Skills Attitude is Everything

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I recently sent out review copies of the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques in preparation for the launch next month. One response highlighted the importance of attitude in any persuasive situation. This article is about developing a persuasive attitude.

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