Sales Success using NLP Persuasion Techniques

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A couple of weeks ago Tim emailed me with some challenges he was having with cold call sales. This gave us the opportunity to discuss various persuasive techniques and ideas for a very specific application. It seems through Tim’s persistence and willingness to try out new ideas he is creating some good results. Here is an article linking all the techniques … Read More

NLP Applications for Sales Success

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Sales is a very competitive profession and anything that will give a sales professional and extra edge is worth examining.  This article is about how NLP can make a dramatic difference to your sales conversions.

NLP Sales Techniques 101

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I have recently received an email that allows me to demonstrate an easy way of developing the most difficult part of any persuasion process…taking control of the conversation.

Four Common Mistakes NLP Sales Professionals Make

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This article is about four common errors people make with their Hypnotic Persuasion Skills. I have been talking to a variety of sales professionals recently and this is an area of persuasion where you can see these problems often manifest and with a simple process you can eliminate the problem as well as increase your sales.

Hypnotic Modelling Learning to Learn FAQ

Warning: They don’t teach you about learning in schools At the age of 10 he was labelled as thick. At 15 they expected him to fail every subject Six months later he got straight A’s in every subject Two years later he was enrolled in a top university to study medicine And now after completing his degree he is now well … Read More

Why NLP Coaches should Learn Covert Persuasion

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This article is about how we can unconsciously install new behaviour, thoughts and ideas into other people. By the end of this article you will have a good idea on some of the techniques hypnotist use to bypass you conscious faculties and install particular thoughts, ideas and behaviour.

PSBB Master Training 27 Discount Offer

[COUNTDOWN] BUY NOW Warning: Only use these persuasive techniques in an ethical way as they are extremely powerful and can cause people to do what you want regardless of their own best interests. “What if YOU could Unlock the Secret to get people to do your bidding and then thank you for the opportunity?” SAMPLETEXT “I would not have believed the … Read More