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“How You Can Achieve More In The Next 12 Months Than You Have In The Past 12 Years…” Unlock Your True Potential Using Powerful Hypnotic and NLP Strategies To Create Huge Results, Fast. From the Desk of: Rintu Basu, Director The NLP Company Wednesday 3:15 pm Before we explore the exciting world of NLP and Hypnotic Persuasive Techniques I invite … Read More

Persuasion Techniques to Deflect Rejections

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I have recently had an email from Steve who has recently purchased The Persuasion Skills Black Book. He has raised a point that lets me unpack a whole raft of ideas for drawing people into your presentation especially if you are worried about interruptions and objections.

Job Interview Skills using NLP Techniques Part Four

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Answering interview questions is a subject I often have a laugh about when I surf the internet. Do you realise there are hundreds of sites where they give interview questions and ideal answers for those questions. In fact you could waste money buying books and programmes showing you the perfect answer to difficult questions.

NLP Techniques to Manage the Boss

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I have had a number of e-mails asking for ideas on how to manage your boss.  A lot of them contain fairly common issues and some stuff of a personal nature. I am going to construct a scenario containing the range of general issues and then discuss some NLP techniques that may help. 

Hypnotic Persuasion, Lesson Two Example, Changing Reality

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Below is an email from Jan who is just coming up to the third lesson of The Persuasion Skills Black Book and is getting some great results already. I have posted the email in full because there are a couple of really good points that are worth bringing up about persuasion and influence that will help you boost your results … Read More