NLP Persuasion Applications for Internet Marketing

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Marketing on the internet is a complex business and there are a multitude of ways that NLP Tools can make a substantial difference. This report highlights some persuasion techniques that can make a dramatic difference to the results you create through internet marketing.

Four Common Mistakes NLP Sales Professionals Make

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This article is about four common errors people make with their Hypnotic Persuasion Skills. I have been talking to a variety of sales professionals recently and this is an area of persuasion where you can see these problems often manifest and with a simple process you can eliminate the problem as well as increase your sales.

NLP Training for Career Change

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I am often astounded by some of the results that graduates of my NLP Practitioner Courses get.  This is the story of Sharon who in the space of a year managed to change jobs twice and double her salary. 

The Secret to Good NLP Coaching

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We Are What We Think Concept

I received an email last week with an interesting structure to a problem. It gives me the opportunity to unpack some material about belief changes and some general ideas you can use when covertly changing beliefs.

Mastering the Weird VooDoo Sh1te

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In this article I will show you a specific set of patterns I often use in training where I can get anyone to make positive connections between any content I give them and what they are there to learn. Let me be a little more specific I can say any random content and the student will make connections to why … Read More

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

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This article will give you some of the history and controversy around NLP. By the end of the article you will be better able to decide how you could use NLP to help within specific subjects and applications. We will look at some definitions of NLP and their implications in another article. A History of NLP NLP was created in … Read More