NLP, Modelling and Books

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This article is about the heart of NLP. There is a lot of material out there of varying quality. This article will give you some ideas how you can sort some of the wheat from the chaff. And as a bonus I will introduce you to a couple of great books.

How to Deliver an NLP Bitch Slap to the Most Deserving

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Some of the lentil sandwich munching brigade live in a world of sweetness and light where everyone spends their life hugging each other. For the rest of us we don’t always get on and sometimes a verbal bitch slap is what people need. This article is about how you can use a bit of NLP to sharpen the business end … Read More

Deconstructing Hypnotic Language

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A little while ago I posted an article. Below is student’s deconstruction of the article. I suggest before looking at this great deconstruction have a read of the article first. You can click through and read it here. This will give you some idea of how much hypnotic persuasion you can put into a relatively small article.